10 films we can't wait to see at Fantastic Fest

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Sep 17, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

This week in Austin, genre-film lovers from across the nation will convene to celebrate Fantastic Fest. There, the Alamo Drafthouse hosts fans and filmmakers, showing movies studded with stars, splashed with blood, and dripping in weirdness.

Of course, SYFY FANGRRLS will be there, front and center for wild premieres, bonkers events, and hidden gems. Look for our coverage out of the chaos over the coming weeks. And in the meantime, share in our lip-biting excitement with this list of our 10 most-anticipated titles out of Fantastic Fest.

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From Girlfight, to Aeon Flux, to Jennifer's Body, director Karyn Kusama built her career on daring films centered on complex female characters. For her latest, she joins forces with Nicole Kidman, Tatiana Maslany, and Sebastian Stan to create a gritty revenge-thriller about an LAPD detective who digs back into her past seeking closure through harrowing means. We suspect this one will wreck us. And we're ready. 

המועדון לספרות יפה של הגברת ינקלובה - ב7.6 בקולנוע

Madam Yankelova's Fine Literature Club

The book club featured in this Israeli romp isn't the kind where you kick back with a well-worn copy of Jane Austen and a glass of Pinot Grigio. The ladies of Madam Yankelova's Fine Literature Club are more of a supper club, the kind where attractive male guests come for dinner. As the main course.



Writer/helmer Amanda Kramer makes her feature directorial debut with a surreal apocalyptic tale centered on teen girls. When a birthday party is disrupted by a massive and mysterious earthquake that buries the house underground, eight friends must grapple with survival, along with teen angst, peer pressure, and mean girl menace. In short, it'll be a night they'll never forget.



"A girl. A mixtape. And Armageddon." With a logline like that, of course we're intrigued. That Runaways' Virginia Gardner stars as a teen girl confronting grief and Lovecraftian beasts at the end of the world? That's just gravy.

I Used To Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story

I Used To Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story

Naturally, we're stoked to for a documentary all about fangirls and thirst! For decades, girls who go gaga for boybands have been the subject of scorn. But director Jessica Leski rebuffs this sexist judgment that shames young women over their excitement and budding sexuality. Speaking with a diverse array of women, she explores how fangirling can shape and save lives. 


The Wind

Documentarian Emma Tammi makes her narrative debut with this slow-burn horror-Western that's drawing comparisons to The Witch and The Babadook. Caitlin Gerard (Insidious: The Last Key) stars as a lonely plains-woman on the remote prairies of the American Wild West, who fears she's being tracked by a predator wild and ferocious. But is there really something in the wind? Or is she going mad from all this isolation?


Between Worlds

Who doesn't love a love triangle tale? Well, at Fantastic Fest these are wilder than most. In writer/director Maria Pulera's latest, Nic Cage stars as a widowed truck driver whose found love with a new girlfriend named Julie (Franka Potente). But things get complicated when the soul of his dead wife crashes the party by possessing the body of Julie's comatose daughter.

Open 24 Hours (2018). TRAILER.

Open 24 Hours

When it rains, it pours. Mary (Vanessa Grasse) has the graveyard shift on a cold, wet, and spooky night at a remote all-night gas station. Still dealing with the trauma of escaping the clutches of her serial-killer ex she set on fire, Debbie begins to suspect her boyfriend's back and hell-bent on revenge. We're dying to she this slasher/Final Girl showdown. 


Level 16

Writer/director Danishka Esterhazy delivers a twisted thriller with a hint of The Handmaid's Tale dystopia. The story centers on Vestalis Academy, where teen girls are trained in the arts of femininity, focusing on obedience, cleanliness, patience, and humility. But what is all this schooling for? Young Vivien (Katie Douglas) dares to wonder what comes after completing level 16. Curiosity breeds rebellion and leads her to answers and horror. 

Halloween Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers


At first, it sounds beyond bonkers that comedian Danny McBride and indie darling David Gordon Green have teamed up to resurrect Michael Myers. But buzz out of Halloween's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival is very good. And this scintillating sequel has the stamp of approval of horror master John Carpenter and the ultimate scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, who returned to the franchise as its executive producer and leading lady, respectively. So cue the creepy theme song, and let the frightening fun begin!