10 genre reboots Hollywood should make with Leslie Jones in the lead

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Dec 11, 2016, 12:42 PM EST (Updated)

This summer, comedian Leslie Jones hit peak heroine status by starring in the reboot of Ghostbusters, being the most enthusiastic and patriotic Olympics supporter, and slamming haters on Twitter. So now that we're all in love with her, it's probably time to reboot some more genre films to give her a starring role. Here are a few science fiction and fantasy films that would be the perfect vessel for rising superstar Leslie Jones.


Forbidden Planet


Forbidden Planet is an iconic sci-fi film from the 1950s so you can bet that watching the film now is comical. Filled with sexist and racist material, Forbidden Planet could use a good modern-day reboot. And who better to make it happen than Leslie Jones, who has shown over and over that she's not afraid to challenge the status quo. Leslie criticized dress designers who don't make sizes for the average woman or who just plain ignore women of certain ages and races. Leslie isn't afraid to stand up to "tradition" and that's one reason why she should take on a classic. How hilarious would it be for Jones to have held her son captive on a planet in order to protect his "virtue"? The jokes write themselves.


Attack the Block


The film Attack the Block centers around a group of teenagers who are forced to protect their block from an alien invasion and willing to stand up to their haters. Leslie Jones has pulled no punches in the past when it comes to standing up for herself, freely calling out her haters on Twitter and even telling Seth Meyers that she enjoys putting them on blast for all of her followers to see. So leading a London street gang to stand up to some aliens would be a piece of cake. After all, she already has experience battling ghosts on her resume.


The Martian


As enjoyable as Matt Damon was in The Martian, can you imagine watching Leslie Jones deal with the bleak reality of being stuck on Mars and thought to be dead? Leslie already proved that watching her watch Game of Thrones could be hilarious, so why not watch her grow some potatoes, re-wire some robots, and keep the mood hysterical the entire time. If anyone could make being stuck on a planet for hundreds of days alone entertaining, it would certainly be Leslie Jones.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


The beauty of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory stems from the zany, unexplainable character of Willy Wonka, who provides a fantasyland designed to remind children that imagination is the root of happiness. If watching Leslie Jones watch the Olympics taught us anything, it's that Leslie has the heart of a child. So Leslie as the prime owner and tour guide of the factory would lead to hilarious antics and moments of pure joy. 


Men in Black


This is easily my personal favorite film to reboot with Leslie. When she discovers that she's a (wo)man in black, she'd surely have a freakout but ultimately take her role of protector of the universe very seriously. She possesses similar comedic chops to Will Smith and the slightly unbelieving "average" person she played in Ghostbusters plus requisite fighting skills would translate easily to this franchise. Plus, she has experience with technological-based weapons already and knows how to deal with a city overrun with unwanted visitors.




The brilliant Robin Williams starred in Flubber, a comedy highlighting the workaholic tendencies of Professor Brainard who ultimately creates an unwieldy green Jello-like blob. Leslie Jones is tall and at 6 feet it means she often towers above her co-stars. Her height and previous history as an athlete would make the physical comedy aspects of Flubber even more hilarious. Just imagine Jones being outwitted by a tiny green blob of Flubber and having to chase it done. That juxtaposition alone would make this remake worth it.


Starship Troopers


The cult sci-fi film Starship Troopers still holds up today, despite the constant upgrades to technology. But instead of a charming group of the most classically beautiful people in the world, maybe a reboot could feature some normal-looking people. Leslie has already shown she can flirt and intimidate the preppy guys like Colin Jost on Saturday Night Live. It'd be great to see her as the badass Dizzy Flores flirting with all of the guys in flight school and really making them blush. Oh yeah, and then taking down some giant alien bug thingies.


Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day is ripe for a remake and after Leslie Jones has proved time and again not only on Saturday Night Live but also in her short but hilarious Trainwreck cameo, she's able to be amazingly funny while playing an ultimate grump. Much of the comedy of Groundhog Day comes from the main character's ability to change his outlook on life and become more positive. Leslie Jones certainly brings joy and positivity to those around her so it seems like a perfect fit.




Evolution is a comedy about scientists who mistakenly discover an asteroid and is yet another example of a comedic science fiction film of the last 20 years. The original doesn't shy away from bawdy and crass humor, so Leslie's history as a stand-up comedian who is not afraid to "tell it like it is" and sometimes get a bit raunchy would be a perfect fit for this remake. Leslie clearly wouldn't balk at the disgusting tasks required to fight the giant organism taking over the Earth either. No, nothing seems to gross Leslie out and that's another reason why she'd make a perfect helmer of this remake.


Back to the Future


Back to the Future just had it's 30th anniversary and since Back to the Future II managed to give us a pretty accurate picture of 2015, maybe it's time to jump back into the Delorean and see what 2045 might look like. Or even go back to visit Marty in 1985? And who better to get us there than Leslie Jones as Doc, the dreamer. Leslie did a whole segment on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update reminding the world that you're never too old to achieve your dreams. So she's the perfect dreamer and inspirational figure to encourage us to actually make a journey through time. She would also just have just the most fun driving that Delorean.

As a whole, it'd be refreshing to see someone other than a white guy leading genre films. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ghostbusters, and Rogue One are some of the most recent films to start a trend in genre films of telling female stories. While this is a step in the right direction, the hope of seeing more genre films lead by women and especially women of color is abundant. And our heroine Leslie Jones is just another beacon of that hope. Here's to you, Leslie!

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