10 illustrations from the Dune 50th anniversary edition are simply stunning

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Aug 6, 2015

Dune by Frank Herbert is one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written. Don’t just rely on my biased opinion. It stands on, and frequently tops, multiple best-of sci-fi novel lists. And recently this venerated novel has become a venerable 50 years old. 

To celebrate, the Folio Society, which creates high-end hardcover editions of great works of fiction and nonfiction, is releasing its own edition of Dune. This version comes with a new intro … and some spectacular painted illustrations by artist Sam Weber.

We have some of Weber’s art available, below. Weber captured some of the novel’s more memorable scenes (Dr. Yueh, Duke Leto and the tooth, the gom jabbar), as well as some remarkable characters (Feyd Rautha, Alia, and of course, Paul). 

For those who really love Dune and have space on their shelves for this massive tome, the Folio Society’s edition will set you back $125. Just remember that excellence doesn’t come cheap. And after all, Dune is excellent.

Via Heavy Metal.

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