10-minute S1 + S2 Game of Thrones recap will get you ready for S3

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Mar 14, 2013, 12:55 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, we’ve already had the 14-minute recap of Game of Thrones season two. But now you can get even more fully recapped with both seasons one and two in this cool new 10-minute recap video from HBO.

Time is precious, but with this new recap video covering the previous two seasons in exactly 10 minutes, you'll feel ready for the upcoming season three to hit us with its awesomeness in just a few of weeks. (Well, 17 days to be exact but nah, we're not counting ... OK, maybe a little.)

Ah! We just love recaps. Without recaps, we may have forgotten that Drogo (Jason Momoa) spilled a pot of boiling gold over Daenery’s (Emilia Clarke) brother Visery’s (Harry Lloyd) head, for example. It's always the small moments like these that makes Game of Thrones so priceless.

Have a look below:

Game of Thrones season three will hit us with its awesomeness on March 31 on HBO.

(via Winteriscoming)

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