10 more genre TV crossovers we'd like to see after Sleepy Hollow/Bones

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Aug 7, 2015

We learned this week, thanks to the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, that FOX series Sleepy Hollow and Bones will cross over in a two-hour event during the 2014-2015 TV season. Bones is a seasoned hit for the network, while Sleepy Hollow is trying its best to restructure and stay afloat for Season 3,  so a crossover simultaneously makes sense and doesn't make sense. It's a weird combination that could work, or could be a spectacular mess, but it did get us thinking: If genre and non-genre shows are mashing together now, what other shows would make a good pair?

So we picked 10 couples of genre and non-genre series and pondered what their crossover might look like. Some of them make sense, while others are just plain goofy, but in all cases they sound like fun. So take a look at our selections below, then let us know in the comments what crossovers of currently airing shows you'd love to see.

Doctor Who/Sherlock

This is the crossover fans online have been waiting for ever since Sherlock debuted under the guidance of Steven Moffat, and it's really hard to argue against it happening. The Doctor can go anywhere, after all, and Sherlock Holmes could use a shock to his system, so why not?

Game of Thrones/Reign

The CW capitalized on the success of Game of Thrones with its own attempt at historical palace intrigue, but while Reign is entertaining, it doesn't have dragons or Red Keeps or White Walkers. If these two shows met, Mary, Queen of Scots would be way over her head, and it would be great fun, if only for an hour.

The Strain/The Vampire Diaries

OK, so this is actually a crossover between two genre shows, but I just couldn't resist. Imagine what would happen if the sexy, sophisticated vampires of The Vampire Diaries encountered the hairless, night-dwelling strigoi of The Strain. It would be a memorable meeting, in more ways than one.

The Walking Dead/The Big Bang Theory

For some of us, watching the nerds of Big Bang Theory debate the merits of zombie apocalypse theory, only to find they're suddenly living it, would be very fun television. For others, it would be beautiful schadenfreude. Either way, it makes for a fun time.

Killjoys/The Americans

It would be hard to justify, but sending the Soviet spies of The Americans into the futuristic world of Killjoys, and making all five main characters team up on some kind of intergalactic mission, is so crazy it just might work.

Supernatural/NCIS: New Orleans

New Orleans is a city known far and wide for its spookier properties, but NCIS: New Orleans doesn't really get to explore that. A visit from the Winchester brothers, complete with the Impala, could change that in a very good way.

The Flash/The Blacklist

The Blacklist regularly takes on criminals that are operating just this side of supervillainy, while The Flash battles full-on supervillains. Wouldn't it be fun to see Barry Allen speed up and say "You think he's bad? I fought a superintelligent gorilla."

Grimm/True Detective

True Detective is a show that dives deep into the darkest corners of investigative dramas, while Grimm is a shown that dives deep into the darkest corners of fairy tales. Put them together and you've got an amazing mix of angst, monsters and deliciously pulpy dialogue.

Agent Carter/Downton Abbey

Maybe Peggy Carter goes back a bit to her pre-war days, or maybe Downton Abbey jumps forward to post-war Britain. Whatever the case, seeing Peggy on her native soil, solving a case surrounded by this delicious little soap opera, would be delightful.


Honestly, I have no real basis for why this should work. I just really, really want to see what would happen if Cookie Lyon and Mallory Archer were onscreen together.



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