10 movie X-Men who deserve to be 'fixed' after Days of Future Past

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Days of Future Past has created a world of new possibilities for the big-screen X-Men, and we think that calls for some second chances.

Over the course of the five (if you count the Wolverine spinoffs) movies that preceded Days of Future Past, a lot of mutants were introduced to X-Men movie continuity, some with very major roles to play and some who simply popped up for a single scene. The comic-book versions of pretty much all of these characters have been around for years, building rich personalities and backstories, and given the complexity of X-Men comics at any given time, it's not hard to believe that some of these characters didn't really survive the adaptation leap unscathed.

If you're a longtime X-Men reader, you've probably got at least one nitpick about every single movie character, but we're talking about the ones who really lost out, the ones who are missing something fundamental about their characters and whose big-screen portrayals truly suffered as a result, often to the point that their big-screen versions couldn't prove entertaining or relevant even if you ignored their comic-book histories.

For those characters, the new Days of Future Past timeline -- about which we know almost nothing post-1973 ... yet -- provides a new opportunity for growth, particularly if future films like Apocalypse are set in eras like the 1980s. So we did a little wishful thinking and came up with 10 mutants from various X-Men films who deserve to be repaired or rethought in the film continuity going forward, from major players to cameo-only blips. Check out our choices in the gallery below, then let us know which movie mutant you'd like to see given a second look.