10 movies to watch with your dad on Father's Day

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Jun 15, 2017

Hello, dads. Hello, sons and daughters and all you non-binary kids out there who are thinking of your pops as Father's Day looms.

Perhaps you're trying to figure out what to do this year. Card? Mug? Beer kit? Shave kit? Some third ... kinda kit? My understanding based on the marketing all you kids watch these days is that dads love shaving while they drink homebrew chocolate stouts from their fancy mug while reading cards of some sort.

Or, wait, do they put shave cream in the mug?

And you ... you also buy him a fancy beer glass specifically for chocolate stouts lovingly crafted by a Le Chouffe gnome?

Guys, Father's Day is hard. But it really doesn't have to be. Your dad loves you. You love your dad. All he probably wants for Father's Day is a six of Bud from the liquor store you can't believe is still open from when you were five.

Here's the end of the preamble:

Watch a movie with your dad. Or, if you are the dad in question, just accept when your kid says, "Hey, let's watch a movie." And, if you need help choosing a movie, we've got 10 options to get you started in the video below.

When I was a kid, the heart and soul of me and my dad's bond was science fiction. We watched Star Trek: The Next Generation every week. If an old black & white B-movie was on, he'd bug me to watch it (sometimes he still does). Many an argument was had over the nature of time travel as my mother shook her head that somehow, once again, this was the dinner conversation.

Maybe that paragraph strikes a chord. Maybe you, like me, have some kind of father/child science fiction/horror/fantasy thing going on. Maybe your dad let you watch Evil Dead 2 when you were a kid, too, even though you were waaaaaay too young.

That's who this video is for. Every father and kid who share a love of science fiction and fantasy and horror and all the stuff that falls somewhere between. So watch it. Maybe the two of you will watch one of these movies together, or maybe it'll give you another movie idea entirely.

In the meantime: Happy Father's Day, one and all. And especially to you, dad. Thanks for being the reason all these poor suckers are stuck reading these articles I write. It's pretty much entirely your fault. GOOD JOB.

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