10 Orphan Black stories we'd love to see explored in a movie, TV, or comics

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Aug 13, 2017

Oy Meathead! Orphan Black has come to a close, and that is how you end a series. We saw our final clone party and probably shed some tears too. That was a fine series finale that gave the Clone Club satisfaction and, more importantly, the characters the ending they deserved. But wouldn't you just want a little bit more?

Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson spoke with TVLine, breaking down the anatomy of their series finale, but something worthy of extra interest at the end of the piece is that they realize that they'd like to tell more Orphan Black stories someday. Fawcett said that he'd like to explore Cosima and Delphine's story, among others. Manson followed up:

"We just need to give these characters a break for a little while. But obviously, there’s tales to be told there, even if they’re told in the comic books or something. I do believe that someday we’ll come back to these characters. We’re still interested in a movie. I’d be interested in returning to this world if Tatiana was in it."

If Fawcett and Manson decided to explore more Orphan Black, in whatever medium they choose, whether that’s a movie(s), another season of television or in comic books, here are 10 stories that we’d like to see explored. Beware of massive spoilers if you have not finished the series.

Whatever happened to Cal?
Technically, we do know what happened to Michiel Huisman, the actor who portrayed Cal: He got a new gig portraying Daario Naharis for Game of Thrones. But did Cal have a bigger role to play than hiding Kira for a season? He had an uncanny ability to stay off the grid, which would’ve come in handy these last two seasons. I wondered if he had something to do with Kira’s extraordinary powers, but that was before we found out that Helena’s babies had healing abilities too. So maybe he’s not that special, and no, I didn’t want Cal to show up and suddenly pull Sarah out of her funk. That would be too cheesy, but I do wonder where he is, because I imagine he wanted to know if his daughter and baby mama are okay. Anyway, some follow-up on his whereabouts or his connection to it all would’ve been nice, because he had to be on Neolution’s radar, as was everyone else.

Best Fit: A comic book mini-series or as a subplot in a movie.

Whatever happened to Jesse?
Another minor but loose thread, if for no other reason than to see Helena find some normalcy away from her sestras. Like Sarah, I wouldn’t have wanted some storybook romance ending where he shows up and is the dream guy to sweep Helena off her feet with twins in hand. But I can’t help but think of how happy she was with Jesse. Patrick J. Adams played Helena’s tow-trucking boy toy and probably couldn’t make his schedule work with Suits, but I’d be up to see him show up in a story, as Helena isn’t someone you can forget very easily.

Best Fit: While it would fit into a comic book, I'd want to see Adams reprise his role.


There are 274 clones out there.
Following the story of any one of these clones could be interesting. Cosima and Delphine’s crusade to inoculate them with the cure was the most interesting thing that the showrunners wanted to explore further if they had another chance to tell more. That’s 274 individual stories they could tell, and I would have no problem to see Tatiana Maslany (and Kathryn Alexandre) portray them all. This team of writers write so many interesting stories, period, but especially for women, which is why I would love to see more about these clones.

Best Fit: An ongoing comic book series or a new season of television.

Can Kira feel the other 274 clones?
The remaining number of clones was an eye-opener, but does that mean Kira can feel their presence too? Or does she have to meet them first? If not, that’s a lot for a girl to take on. How Kira handles this and other special abilities like her healing could morph with adolescence and maturity, which brings us to …


What happens when Kira, baby Arthur, and baby Donnie (aka Orange and Purple) grow up?
We know they have healing abilities, but what else will they be able to do? Will they be able to feel the other Leda clones too? It’s interesting that Helena had twin boys. What will they look like? Would they grow up resembling the Castor clones? It’s also reasonable to think that the scientist in Cosima -- once she and Delphine are done inoculating the remaining clones -- for the sake of science and their self-preservation, would want to see what else their offspring can do.

Best Fit: A comic book mini-series or a new season of television.

What else could Lin28a do?
The fountain of youth gene, as PT Westmoreland called it, Lin28A, is a Lin28 family RNA-binding protein that in real life regulates the self-renewal of stem cells and is expressed in normal development, especially for the location of organ and tissue development. However, it must be expressed at a specific time and shut off, or else that’s where problems can occur, as with Aisha’s cancer or Yanis’ tumors and violent nature in Orphan Black.

The findings in Yanis’ mutations were eventually passed to the Leda project thanks to Susan Duncan, who wanted to put the self-healing into the clones. The mutation was inactive in the first generation, which is why the Leda clones didn’t exhibit healing powers. But it became active in the second generation. That’s why Kira became the golden goose and later the twins. This gene is the key, though, for the next evolution of the human with respect to the world of Orphan Black, but remember, Cosima calls Westmoreland out in “Ease for Idle Millionaires” and says that it’s never about just one gene. Still, there seems to be a goldmine for another story to come out of the manipulation of this gene.

Best Fit: An ongoing thread in any medium, especially a new season of television.


Could Season 6 or a movie take place in Brazil?
Australia, Poland, Israel, Norway, Japan, Greece, Mexico, and Columbia are just a few of the places the show could move to. Just rewatch that scene where the girls look through the list. America should have well over a dozen, since at least six show up on camera on the two pages they show out of the packet of paper.

Delphine mentioned that there are five clones that live in Brazil. Now, Brazil is a large country, but five clones is still a lot to imagine in one place, so there’s a chance that one or two could bump into each other before Cosima and Delphine arrive. Just think about an entire season of Orphan Black playing out in the favelas. Imagine the setting switching to Rio or the Amazon forest. There’s a lot of cool possibilities in play here, and there’d be a totally different vibe, which would make it a nice compartmentalized story.

Best Fit: An ongoing comic book series, a movie or a new season of television.

How Siobhan came to adopt Felix?
One backstory or flashback that I’d still like to see fleshed out more is Siobhan adopting Sarah and specifically Felix. The history with S and adopting Sarah seems reasonable given her lineage to her mother Kendall, and she’s always appeared to know more about the entire story than what she was letting on. So if she knew what a danger it would be to raise Sarah, why bring Felix into it? What was it that she saw in him or his situation to bring him along? If there was a big part of the backstory that could have been fleshed out more, this would be it. I’m not sure how this would come up in a modern-day story, but maybe Felix and Kira are having a heart-to-heart, or maybe Felix relates to a story about one of the other clones. Plus, any reason to get Jordan Gavaris and Maria Doyle Kennedy back together is something I’m sure the Clone Club wouldn’t have a problem with.

Best Fit: A comic book mini-series or part of a movie or season.

Did Art ever clean up the police force?
How much did Neolution infiltrate the police/detective force in Toronto? How many others were on the Neolution payroll? This thing is pretty monstrous when you think of how many other clones are out there who probably had their own monitors and a system put in place to keep an eye on them. Duko and Enger were bad seeds, but there had to be more. It’s not enough to build an entire story on, but there were too many pieces and parts of the Neolution machine to think it would just go away. And that leads us to our final story thread.

Best Fit: This could be best explained in a comic book or a subplot of another story.

What will become of Rachel?
Finally, I can’t help but wonder where Rachel goes from here. She’s lonely again, but this time with no friends, no family, and without agency. She revealed something big in the series finale, that she compared herself with each and every Leda. All 274? If that’s true, and she has had access to them all, there must be some that she’s fond of, or that she’s read case files on that interest her.

She might be sick of looking at or working with Ledas in the immediate future, but not forever. Plus, she could always be lying. Rachel is too young, too smart, and too ambitious to just sit on her hands. Her knowledge of the clones, Neolution, Lin28a, and the advances of science and technology with respect to genetic manipulation is worth too much not to have another plan in motion.

Best Fit: Ongoing story through any medium that is explored. 

Those are my ideas for more Orphan Black. I'm completely satisfied with the five seasons they've given me, but if want to poke at more, I'm game. Do you have another story that I missed? Share your thoughts below on what you'd like to see.

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