10 posters that (almost) trick us into thinking Phantom Menace is good

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:26 AM EDT (Updated)

As every fan and critic knows, with its eons-long podrace and questionable racial caricatures, The Phantom Menace was the weakest of all of George Lucas' Star Wars movies. But die-hard fans find what joy they can. And one of those fans happens to be an artist.

Travis English, who goes by the name AKA Star Wars Kid on Tumblr and produced these lovely posters, gives us the main characters of Star Wars I in silhouette. But rather than the clean design of those previous posters, these images are on the scruffy side—which is still good, but different. We love watching English's talent grow.

We're looking forward to what he can do with Attack of the Clones, a far, far better movie.

Via RealityMag.

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