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10 scientists who partied like rock stars

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:25 AM EDT (Updated)

This was the scene when renowned physicist Andrei Linde was told that the theory of inflation, which he had first postulated 30 years ago, got news that the idea that made up his life's work had been proven correct through a series of recent experiments with resounding results:

A heartwarming moment, seeing someone's joy at being vindicated that way...but if that had been us, and we had just found out that this crazy notion we had about the very birth of the universe was proven correct, we'd be popping wheelies from here to interstellar space, making devil horns with our hands and blasting "The Final Countdown" at top volume. 

To each their own, but not every scientist has Professor Linde's dignity and restraint. Some, in fact, were downright eXtreme (yes, with an upper-case X, and everything), putting rock stars to shame with their embrace of excess. Join us in taking a look at some famous people of science who kept one leg in the lab and the other leg slumped under a table.