The 10 strangest twists on classic horror tales

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Oct 10, 2014

Among the few horror-related films we're getting this Halloween season is Dracula Untold, which represents the most complete blurring yet of the line between the real and fictional "son of the dragon."

The movie stars Luke Evans (The Hobbit) as a version of the real-life Vlad III Dracula, the infamous ruler of Wallachia known for impaling the many victims of his military exploits. Bram Stoker loosely based his fictional vampire on Vlad, but this movie makes them essentially one and the same -- all while turning Dracula into some kind of dark superhero who gains his superpowers from a monster in a cave and uses them to save his own people.

It's an out-there interpretation of the Dracula story, but it's not the first time that a movie has taken one of the cinema's classic monsters and given it a different and sometimes even outlandish twist. Here are some of the more unusual takes on a iconic horror story that we've seen ... tell us if you agree, or if there's one you've caught as well.

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