10 things we learned from Gillian Anderson's Reddit AMA

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May 17, 2013, 3:26 PM EDT (Updated)

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of X-Files questions.

Yesterday sci-fi TV icon Gillian "Agent Scully" Anderson took part in that hallowed Internet tradition known as a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anthing). Questions ranged from the history of The X-Files to when she'll finally make a cameo on Californication to her former co-star David Duchovny's current series (her answer: "Talk to David"). It's a long feed, and if you're an Anderson fan it's definitely worth a read, but to save you some time we've gathered the best answers to all the questions about Anderson's genre projects (including her work on NBC's Hannibal) right here.

What's her pick for the most shocking episode of The X-Files: The show that made Anderson a star certainly had more than its fair share of freak-out moments, but the one Anderson went with came early in the fourth season.

"Um, I have to say that probably in my poor memory, the one that sticks out the most is the one that a lot of people responded to - which was HOME. The thought of having a paraplegic mother on a roll-out cot under the bed, who may or may not be having sex with her 3 troglodyte sons, is about as twisted as our series ever got I think. And then there were the babies buried in the garden..."

Is another X-Files movie ever going to happen?: Anderson, Duchovny and series creator Chris Carter have all said they want one, and fans do too. So, what's the latest on the project?

"I would say that there is a very good chance that Chris is in the process of writing it, and as with any creative endeavor, it needs time and space and patience, and I have no doubt that at some point, when it's the right time, and he is happy with it, it will see the light of day, and that will be the beginning."

Turns out the device the X-Files crew built to make her look taller still has her name: Scully and Mulder appear to be close to the same height on screen, but Anderson is in reality a good deal shorter than Duchovny. To make up the difference, the crew built a special box (often made into a full-blown walkway) for Anderson to stand on, and named it after her.

"Yes. In fact, in Vancouver they created something called 'The Gilly-Board' which was a ramped apple box (what actors normally stand on to raise their height) so that I could be walking beside him and we could stand next to each other so that we would be approximately the same height. Apparently it still exists and is used for other productions, and is still called the Gilly-Board."

Was Scully always supposed to be a redhead?: It seems that when Anderson got the role, her hair wasn't the character's signature color.

"I wasn't a redhead at the time, I was mousy brown, and I am very glad that somebody had the idea to add a bit of color to my life."

What are her plans for the X-Files 20th anniversary?: This year marks two decades since the series debuted on Fox, and though we don't have a third movie (yet), Anderson is celebrating by hitting the road to meet fans.

"I have decided to do a year's worth of Comic-Cons in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the X-files. And it's the first time that I'm spending this type of one-on-one time with fans. And it's been so wonderful to be able to also thank the fans for having been fans for such a long time, and to meet one-on-one some of the people who kept us on the air for so long. And one of the things that I'm finding the coolest ever is people who bring their kids - teenagers - who have been introduced to the show, now that they're old enough to be introduced to my own favorite series. And they get to watch it again but with their 12 year olds, and re-experience it, so that we're getting a whole new generational fanbase. And I just can't tell you how excited that makes me."

Is she a skeptic like Scully?: When asked if being on The X-Files changed her belief (or lack thereof) in the paranormal, Anderson had this to say:

"No, I have always believed in things of a paranormal nature, and I don't think that it got any stronger from being involved in the show, and I don't think it's either strengthened or weakened since then."

Did she take anything from the set of The X-Files?: Lots of actors leave projects with souvenirs of their work, and Anderson is no exception.

"Yes. I stole many things. I have - what do I have? - a Lazarus Bowl. The most amazing thing that i have is Scully's Tombstone. I have Scully's Tombstone. I have little things from many episodes, and eventually, a good portion of them will probably be auctioned off for charity."

Will she ever turn to writing?: According to Anderson, she's definitely got plans to tell some stories of her own.

"Yes. I will definitely write a fiction before I'm 70, and then at some point in my 70s I will write an autobiography, but I have a tiny problem (which is a massive problem as far as autobiographies are concerned) - my memory. I will need people who were around at the time to tell me how it really happened."

How long does she want to keep playing Dr. Du Maurier, Hannibal Lecter's therapist?: When asked if she wants to keep up her recurring guest role on the new NBC series, Anderson answered:

"For as long as HANNIBAL runs, and until Hannibal eats me, I will continue to do a few episodes a year. I think it's darker than even I can stomach, but it has its audience and it is so beautifully shot and the performances from Mads (Mikkelsen) and Hugh (Dancy) and the whole team are just phenomenal and I am so happy they are getting the attention they deserve. Mads is SUCH a talented actor - it's almost like he wears his emotions on his sleeve, but not all the time - when he decides that he needs to, he has such access to his emotional life and it is just really incredible. He can do everything with just his eyes."

Turns out she has a fairy-tale show in the works overseas: There's no release date yet, but Anderson is working on a British fairy-tale show called Never After. Here's the trailer, and here's what Anderson had to say about it:

"So a group of women are trying to start a British TV series that is based on the original fairy tales - apparently, the original fairy tales like Red Riding Hood, etc. are different than the ones that we have come to know. And they are fascinated by the idea of fairy tales, and what they were originally intended for, which was (in part) encouraging children to be fearless, to face their fears. So they want to film with various celebrities episodes that are hosted about the various fairy tales as they were originally told. Apparently in the original Red Riding Hood there were originally 2 wolves..."

To see Anderson's whole AMA conversation, head over to Reddit.

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