10 times Jared Leto channeled his inner Joker

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Nov 10, 2014

Is Jared Leto shifting his interest from Marvel to DC? The Oscar-winning actor was once rumored to portray the titular character in Marvel's Doctor Strange. But the studio's turned its attention to other contenders, namely Benedict Cumberbatch.

Friday The Wrap reported Leto was eyeing another comic-book project. This time, it's with Marvel's rival, DC/Warner Bros. The actor's set his sights on playing the Joker in The Suicide Squad. The supervillain last appeared on the big screen courtesy of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

If Leto takes the role, he'll have big shoes to fill. Thankfully, he's no stranger to adversity or obstacles. He's proven that he's more than just a pretty face, and we think he has what it takes to pull this off. If you look at his previous films, music videos, even photo shoots, you'll see Leto's always had a bit of the Joker in him.