10,000 games and apps for the Amiga are available now on the Internet Archive

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’re a nerd from a certain era, there’s something unforgettably nostalgic about the Amiga computer. So, want to relive the glory days with a veritable treasure trove of software for the long-defunct PC system?

The Internet Archive has compiled a massive collection of Amiga software, totaling approximately 10,000 games and applications, all of which can be run just as they were on your old Amiga. The Amiga’s graphics were cutting-edge for the era, so take a peek and see how that nostalgia holds up on classics such as R Type and Bubble Bobble.

The collection includes a massive assortment of software. Highlights include: Double Dragon, Batman: The Movie, Netherworld, Deluxe Pac-Man, Aegonaut, High Steel, Missile Command, Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters, and a mishmash of pretty much everything else you forgot existed.

So, if you’ve finished perusing the archive of Nintendo Power issues from the 1980s, relive the Amiga’s glory days for an even geekier deep dive.

(Via Internet Archive, Engadget)