10,000 Mexico City undead set new zombie walk world's record

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Dec 15, 2012

Everyone loves a parade ... especially one with decaying deadheads. While most of us were navigating the white-meat, dark-meat debate over Thanksgiving, a different kind of mob with more exotic appetites occupied Mexico City, unified by their sole demand for MORE BRAINS!

Shuffling and shambling into the center of Mexico's capital, nearly 10,000 putrefying participants in ghastly makeup and blood-soaked rags filled the streets Saturday, trampling the old record for mass zombie crawls. Victory never smelled so bad.

Guinness claims the past world record was held by Asbury Park, N.J., where 4,093 living corpses defiantly marched in 2010. These organized zombie walks have spread in worldwide popularity with the recent explosion of attention given the undead annoyances in shows like The Walking Dead and videogame titles including Dead Island and Dead Rising.

Check out the spaced-out spectacle below!

Event coordinator and chief zombie wrangler Pablo Guisa explained how Mexican "Day of the Dead" culture sees a deeper significance in the march, symbolizing and bringing attention to cultural diversity and human rights. Other successful zombie walks have been staged in Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Last month, a demented group in Brisbane, Australia, targeted the record after amassing more than 8,000 costumed zombies. But today the grand prize goes south of the border.

Kinda makes you want to clean out the overripe holiday leftovers from your fridge, huh? I'll hold the bag.

(via BBC News)

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