10 Bigfoot sighting videos that could turn you into a believer

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Dec 17, 2012

With Syfy's Fact or Faked officially back on the air tonight at 9/8C, we thought it could be fun to dig a bit deeper into one of the greatest crypto-conspiracies in modern history: Bigfoot sightings.

Folks have been seeing the alleged man-beast for decades, though no definitive proof has ever really surfaced. But that hasn't stopped amateur Bigfoot hunters and confused campers from snapping video after video of alleged sasquatches out roaming the wilds of beautiful countryside the world over.

So check out some of the most famous, and hotly debated, Bigfoot shots in history below. What do you think? Are any of these legit?

Bluff Creek, Calif., Bigfoot sighting:

Roger Patterson shot this clip in 1967 in California. Many believe the clip is of a real Bigfoot.

Siberian Bigfoot sighting:

This footage was shot in Russia in 2008 and claims to have captured a BIgfoot on the ridge of a hill.

Manitoba, Canada, Bigfoot sighting:

This 2005 footage, taken in the Canadian wilderness, caused a stir at the time and even made the local news.

Estes Park, Colo., Bigfoot sighting:

Jim and Shane Holder reportedly shot this footage on a cellphone in 2007, of a Bigfoot in Colorado.

Georgia Bigfoot Sighting:

This footage, shot on a Flip camera around 2010, allegedly shows a Bigfoot in the backyard of a Georgia family.

Chopaka Lake, Wash., Bigfoot sighting:

This clip, dating to 1996, allegedly shows a Bigfoot running very fast across a field.

Texas Bigfoot sightings:

In 2008 in Texas, an infrared camera allegedly caught a Bigfoot peeking around a wood pile.

Tatra Mountains Bigfoot sighting:

This clip from Poland allegedly shows a Bigfoot hanging out on some large rocks, posing for the camera.

New York Baby Bigfoot sighting:

This clip claims to show a baby Bigfoot swinging and playing in a tree in New York.

Prince Edward Island Bigfoot sighting:

A student video claims to have accidentally caught a Bigfoot running out of the woods in this 2005 clip.

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