10 best guesses: Who is FlashForward's suspect zero?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Tonight's FlashForward promises to focus on Simon (Dominic Monaghan). It will be the first full episode to feature Simon after he phoned Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport) two weeks ago. Right now, we're wondering about an even more mysterious figure on the show.

Who is the guy in the stadium who didn't black out? Of course, the show will drag that mystery out for a while. We did some digging around on fan forums at ABC.com and other fan sites and found some strong theories regarding the FBI's suspect zero.

FlashForward airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

♦ Lloyd Simcoe is the man in the stadium—This theory has a lot behind it. Many viewers think the first time Simcoe (Davenport) appeared in the hospital, he was wearing similar dark clothes to the man in the stadium. That may be a stretch, comparing blurry black-and-white security camera footage to full character wardrobe. But last week's episode revealed that Simcoe is in on the evil scheme with Simon (Monaghan). Davenport said in his video interview that Simcoe would "have a fairly central role to play in terms of trying to work out what actually happened." Being suspect zero would indeed be integral. Also, he's British, so they usually play villains. But he arrives in L.A. too quickly after the blackouts to have come from Detroit. Plus, what was his endgame? Black out the world just so he can get with Olivia (Sonya Walger)?

♦ It's the Somali boy all grown up—This could be right. 18 years after 1991, the boy who saw the weird smoke when the crows died would be a grown man. Baysportsfan13 at ABC.com even went so far as to suggest actor Michael K. Williams to play the grown-up Somali.

♦ It's Demetri Noh. That's why he didn't have a vision—If this is true, Demetri (John Cho) is putting on quite an act. "Of course he didn't have a flash-forward. He was already awake." This was an early theory. Recent information that foreign agents saw files on Noh's murder would have to be discredited, and Noh really seems to be following those leads hard.

♦ It's Simon. He's already said he was behind it all—Sorry, this wouldn't work out practically. They have the stadium man's height at around 6 feet by measuring him against the railings. Monaghan, who plays Simon, is hobbit size. No offense, it's just statistics. Plus, do you really think they'd introduce an overtly menacing character in episode four and say, "Yeah, he's the guy. Case closed."

♦ He's a visitor from the future—If you traveled through time, you wouldn't be susceptible to the time-bending phenomenon that affected people in the present. For that matter, maybe he's from the past.

♦ He's an alien—Another reason the stadium man might not react to the earthbound phenomenon that made humans black out would be that he's neither human nor from earth.

♦ He's God—Well, once you've ruled out time travel and extraterrestrials, a supreme being is all that's left. Clarke910 at WeFlashForward analyzed the 2:17 blackout in bible terms and speculated that the man in the stadium is God.

♦ His clothes protect him from the blackouts—This theory still assumes that the man in the stadium is some evil conspirator in on the whole blackout scheme, and the best thing he could devise to keep himself awake was a trench coat.

♦ He's a patsy—Whoever caused the blackouts set up one man to stay awake and positioned him in the stadium where he would clearly be seen by security cameras. That way the FBI would waste all their resources on this "suspect zero," completely distracted from the real perpetrators.

♦ It's a total red herring—It's unlikely that something as striking as the one conscious man out of 7 billion doesn't matter. But how much would that mess with you? Yeah, some guy just stayed awake. While everyone's posting to the Mosaic and asking, "What did you see?", he just feels left out.