10 tantalizing new teaser pics of Doctor Who season 6

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Dec 14, 2012

Season 6 of Doctor Who will soon be upon us (in 11 days, to be exact) and the BBC has released a slew of brand-new pics full of awesome spoilery goodness from each of the first seven episodes of the new season. Spoiler alert everyone!

The new pics feature an awesome look at the Silence, some Doctor Who behind-the-scenes shenanigans, pirates, a Doctor's Wife, a celebrated sci-fi fantasy writer, a weird-looking humanoid and the return of some of the Doctor's (Matt Smith) most dangerous enemies—Cybermen.

Oh, and it also features the return of a personnal fave: Centurion Rory (Arthur Darville)! The honeymoon's over, so what in the world is Rory playing at? We'll definitely tune in to find out.

Doctor Who season six premieres on April 23 on BBC America (U.S.), BBC One (U.K.) and SPACE (Canada). Are you ready?

(via Doctor Who TV and Digital Spy)

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