8 things you might not know about Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Raiders of the Lost Ark opened 30 years ago, and you'd think that in the decades since we'd have learned every bit of trivia there was to know about the first Indiana Jones pic. But who knew that canned SpaghettiOs had something to do with the film's success?

The folks over at moviefone dug up 30 facts that even a dyed-in-the-wool, hardcore fan might not know. Here are a few of our favorites:

When everyone else was struck with dysentery on the Tunisia set, Spielberg was the only one who didn't get sick, thanks to the fact that he avoided the local cuisine and ate only canned SpaghettiOs.

Although it sounds like movie legend, Raiders was born as Lucas and Spielberg built sand castles on the beach in Hawaii, where both were vacationing as Star Wars opened. Spielberg wanted to make a James Bond film, but Lucas told him he had a better idea: something called Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In the novelization, it's revealed that Marion was only 14 when Indy first romanced her, lending a creepy truth to her line "I was a child. It was wrong!"

The canyon where Indy threatens to blow up the ark is the same one where the Jawas take R2-D2 in Star Wars.

The scene in which the monkey executes a "Heil Hitler" salute took 50 takes. A grape was attached to a fishing line and held just out of reach of the camera shot to get him to "salute."

The set of the Well of Souls: Also used as the hotel room set where Jack Nicholson does all his writing in The Shining.

Sallah's name means "sprout," which is probably due to the much shorter Danny DeVito being offered the role first instead of John Rhys-Davies.

Our hero's original name? Indiana Smith. It was changed on the first day of production when Steven Spielberg told Lucas it just didn't sound right and suggested "Jones" instead.

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