11 Alien Anthology fan films, ranked

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Feb 11, 2018, 12:41 PM EST (Updated)

Sizzling with creativity like acidic drops of xenomorph blood, the fan film community's warm embrace of the Alien movies offers a sensational variety of shocking shorts inspired by the Alien Anthology.

With audiences disgruntled with Alien sequels after 1986 and Ridley Scott's prequels Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, an international assemblage of inventive amateur filmmakers have taken it upon themselves to express their love of the Alien franchise with these 11 engaging, unauthorized fan films from around the world.

Sure, they're sometimes a bit rough around the edges, but all of our picks are injected with a ferocious amount of homegrown passion and boundless fun, showcasing their excellent allocation of limited resources in saluting the wild Alien universe.


Have a look and tell us which ones have the best bite for the buck!

Alien V - A Short Fan Film

Alien V (2014)

Fred Schachinger keeps things simple with his friend Tom C. with a bare bones story of two kids and the toothy monster they must vanquish from their spaceship that looks suspiciously like a split-level ranch home on a shady lane. This is an honest effort that provides an excellent template for budding filmmakers showing that anyone can create a short tribute film and have a blast in the process. Unadorned but a worthy first attempt!

ALIEN: EARTHBOUND (Fan Film by Aaron B.)

Alien Earthbound (2015)

Aliens come to our precious Earth in this impressive short by Aaron B. where the monsters are now on Main Street. An unstable lab technician allows a xenomorph into suburbia, then uses his daughter to perpetuate his plans to create a perfect planet. Injected with the over-the-top spirit of the franchise and some scary moments filmed on a minuscule budget using the filmmaker's game family as cast members. Thanks dad!

Star Wars vs Aliens - Exclusive Fan Film

Star Wars vs Aliens (2017)

The Empire discovers a derelict spaceship and Darth Vader senses a valuable cargo he desperately wants to acquire. Once aboard the abandoned pirate craft, a swarm of vicious xenomorphs attack Vader's hapless Stormtroopers and paint the hull red with soldier drone blood. Created first in comic book form back in 2014-15, this is a fun little piece written and illustrated by Robert Shane with the video directed and edited by Fred Howard.

Alien Xenomorph - Short Movie

Alien Xenomorph (2015)

Here's a brilliant little Alien short from German filmmaker Andre Peisker using iClone 3D animation software. It's got the sinister style and somber tone down perfectly as an ominous battlecrusier with a monstrous xenomorph on board strikes a careening meteor and all hell breaks loose. Sure, it's dubbed in German, but that only adds to the isolation and desperation of the crew as they attempt to survive the day.


Alien Supremacy (2017)

Set back inside the Hadley's Hope complex from Aliens, this offering from Felix M. Aller spotlights a squad of soldiers trying to escape an angry assembly of xenomorphs with plenty of automatic pulse rifle fire. Nice blending of 3D animation and live action before delivering an explosive climax. Suffers a bit in the translation and sequence of settings but overall a solid effort displaying an honest love of the material.

ALIEN: The Last Survivor [Sci-Fi-Shortfilm / Fanfilm / Remake]

Alien: The Last Survivor (2013)

Shot in three days with a Canon 5D, this ambitious Alien short was produced in 2012 for the International Shortfilm Festival Hamburg. The crew at Nocturnus Films decided to remake the finale scene from Ridley Scott's Alien,"the scariest, darkest and best sci-fi-movie ever made" in their estimation. Who's gonna argue? Watch as Ripley settles down in the Narcissus escape shuttle only to discover a nasty stowaway on board! Superior set design, perfect casting, and an interesting xenomorph variant set this film apart.

ALIEN INFINITY - sci-fi animated fan-film

Alien Infinity (2015)

A kick-ass animated effort by Darkus Marque pieced together in his spare time over the course of 15 months using free stuff found over the internet on his laptop. The USS Sulaco here has been refitted as a mercenary ship and renamed the USS Infinitum It's on a locked-and-loaded mission to Beta Terran, where there's a mess of monsters in the metropolis. I loved this rag-tag band of adventurers and ex-soldiers and bumped this one up a couple notches simply for seeing what can be done with limited resources and infinite creativity.

Aliens Epilogue

Aliens: Epilogue (2012)

Entirely enjoyable with a unique English flair, Aliens: Epilogue is a fantastic short with an inspired cast, including the actual Private Wierzbowski (Trevor Steedman) from James Cameron's Aliens! How cool is that? The sets, props, and costumes are amazing for a no-budget project and there's a high level of originality on display here, especially with the United Kingdom Colonial Marines! Writer and director Darren Kemp homes in on the failure of the second mission to LV-426 and a marine presence is called upon to protect some viable specimens at a bio weapons lab. Get on the ready line and dive into the action!

Infestation ( Alien Xenomorph ) fan fiction

Infestation (2016)

Sweden's Martin Leon Lindstedt directed this taut Alien fan salute and what he accomplished filming for a year in the creepy basement of his apartment building would put most indie studios to shame. Members of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation Nordic Division entrap a lone xenomorph inside a suburban location where it stalks an innocent girl just trying to order a pizza and do laundry. Exhibits exceptional techniques of suspense and some genuinely frightening sequences punctuated by striking cinematography, sound, and editing. Lindstedt animated the creature using a free 3D model he found online! Outstanding.

Aliens: LV-426

Aliens: LV-426 (2014)

Written and directed by Marcio Natali, this moving Aliens tribute showcases Newt returning to LV-426, where the wreckage of the Hadley's Hope colony still smolders. Bishop is resurrected and assists her to reconnect with her tragic past and learn the truth of her mother's demise. This is a poetic, heartbreaking piece crafted with love, crisp cinematography, and artful direction. A superior example of what an amateur production can accomplish, and Elliot Goldenthal's masterful score from Alien3 is the perfect musical accompaniment.

ALIEN CONTINUUM - sci-fi animated fan-film

Alien Continuum (2017)

This is the sequel to Alien Infinity and filmmaker Darkus Marque outshines his original effort with another fantastic Alien fan opus made by scavenging free assets and programs from the internet. More nefarious robots, androids, and bounty hunters are descending on Beta Terran to storm the abandoned Weyland Building, where they encounter mutant abominations and experimental droids to do battle with. Absorbing and polished for an unlicensed creation, Continuum takes home the gold!