11 awesome arcs from Thor comics we think would be epic enough for Thor 3

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Nov 8, 2013

Thor: The Dark World is only just beginning its theatrical run, and yet a third solo adventure for the Thunder God already seems inevitable.

After a very successful first week in international markets, the second of Marvel Studios' Thor adventures hammers its way into American theaters today, where it looks destined to win the top box-office spot easily and continue Marvel's run of blockbusters. The film's star, Chris Hemsworth, will already wield the hammer again for 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it also seems likely that he'll go at least one more round with a third Thor flick sometime after that. With that in mind, we're already thinking about what Thor 3 might look like.

Unfortunately, we can only pry so much into the heads of Marvel bigwigs like Kevin Feige, so until he and his compatriots open up about what's really next for Thor, we're left with comics to give us clues. So, keeping in mind what's already transpired in the Thor films, we gathered a few choice storylines from decades of Thor storytelling as possible candidates for adaptation, and we're presenting them to you here. They range from battles with ancient Asgardian monsters to meetings with unlikely new allies to a sentient planet to the literal end of Asgard, and they could all enrich the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one way or another.

Check out our choices below, and let us know: If you could adapt any single Thor comic-book story to the big screen, which one would you pick?

Thor: The Dark World is in theaters now (as if you didn't already know).


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