11 fictional dogs we wish we could bring to the office on Take your Dog to Work Day

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Jun 23, 2017, 1:11 PM EDT (Updated)

Friday is Take your Dog to Work Day, an annual holiday created by Pet Sitters International "to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions" as well as encourage "employers to experience the joys of pets in the workplace."

I've unfortunately never been able to experience the fun of this holiday due to my lack of a pet, but I've always thought it would be nice to have a furry friend with me as I worked in an office or from home. Imagining such a day led to imagining what the dog I'd bring with me would be like, and quickly that made-up animal started to look like some of the fictional dogs I love from various franchises and media!

After all, there are a lot of great canines in everything from movies to video games that would make the workday a lot more exciting if they were around. Whether robotic, Inhuman or a regular dog with a unique personality, here are 11 fictional dogs we'd love to take to work with us for a day if they were real.


Fang (Harry Potter)

Fang is Hagrid's boarhound in the Harry Potter series. The dog can often be found at the gamekeepers' side whether it’s in his home or the Forbidden Forest. He slobbers quite a lot, especially on those he likes, so taking him to work might make a bit of a mess. That doesn't matter to me, though! His loyal, lovable company would brighten the time spent at any job.


K9 (Doctor Who)

Sure, K-9 is a robot dog, but that doesn't mean he — and the other robot canines on this list — should be excluded! I would love to take K-9 with me to work. After staying with the Doctor in the TARDIS, he'd be used to spending time with someone running around trying to get things done. My work might not be of the save the world or universe variety, but I bet his skills would still come in handy. K-9 is smart and can do a lot of things in addition to holding a fascinating conversation! From playing chess to shooting lasers, he'd be helpful and entertaining.


Ein (Cowboy Bebop)

Speaking of smart dogs, Cowboy Bebop's Ein was an adorable and brilliant corgi. Known as a data dog, he was clearly aware of what was going on around him and, while he couldn't talk exactly, tried his best to communicate with his human companions. I bet Ein would be helpful around the office as a result! Plus, his cute cuddly presence and knowing he could probably understand everything I was saying to him would make me feel a lot more relaxed as the hours went by.


Dog (Dragon Age: Origins)

Dog is an optional party member in BioWare’s fantasy video game Dragon Age: Origins, but I've never gone through a play through without the mabari at my side. Known as just Dog unless you choose to change his name, this loyal, bright animal will stay by you through thick and thin. He may be a warrior, but he’s also sweet and funny. He’d get along with your co-workers since he’s used to traveling with a group of rather unique individuals and is sure to spark some conversation. He might also discover and bring you some noteworthy things where you work, if you ask if he sees anything interesting around!


Frisket (ReBoot)

I really enjoyed watching the show ReBoot as a kid and among its memorable cast of characters was Frisket. A dependable companion to Enzo Matrix, Frisket didn't exactly get along with a lot of other people, especially Bob. He was always quick to defend his friends, though. Bringing him to work might mean he'll be a bit aggressive towards a few people you work with, but he'll always have your back. If he does take a shine to anyone else, they'll easily see the big heart of this strong and clever robotic canine!


Lockjaw (Marvel)

It may cause a bit of a stir in the office trying to fit the endearing Lockjaw into your work space due to his size. Once he's there, though, I bet he'd be a hit with anyone in any office! Imagine everyone's faces when they first see you hanging out with the large and rather smart Inhuman dog or watch as you pop into work using his teleport ability. Plus, if you have a fun day together, I'd like to think Lockjaw might be up for a little adventure after work too. Why not teleport around the world together for a while?


Sprocket (Fraggle Rock)

Watching Fraggle Rock as a kid, I always felt bad for Sprocket. He has a great friendship with Doc, but the man never believed his canine counterpart when he tried to tell him there were Fraggles running around! Despite Doc's disbelief, Sprocket can communicate fairly well with just barks and gestures and he often helped Doc with various tasks. He's intelligent, inquisitive, devoted and playful. He'd make Take Your Dog to Work Day a lot of fun and would probably take full advantage of the opportunity to explore a new environment and keep a new friend company.

Akamaru .png

Akamaru (Naruto)

In Naruto, Kiba Inuzuka received Akamaru from his mother when he was a child. They grew up and trained together, both becoming skilled in various techniques that often required them to work with each other. Having a dog like Akamaru around would make going to work much more enjoyable! With such a companion, you'd be prepared for anything. Focusing on a task with Akamaru would most likely get it done faster, you'd feel comfortable joking around with your canine friend every once in a while, and the dog would be at your side no matter what. You would be able to face anything the day throws at you, even if it sends a ninja battle your way!


Einstein (Back to the Future)

Einstein has no problem with strange things happening around him. As Doc Brown's pet in Back to the Future and the world's first time traveler, he's witnessed some rather interesting events. Through it all the adorable dog remains quite collected, which is why he'd make a perfect workmate. No matter what happened during your day, the sweet Einstein would stay with you and help you through it. Plus, he's observant, as we saw when he alerted Doc to the Libyans' arrival in the first film, so he might be useful in telling you if you've missed or are forgetting anything during your day!


Rush (Mega Man)

Rush appeared in the Mega Man video games and the '90s cartoon. He was a faithful robot dog that could kind of talk and changed into different things, primarily forms of transportation. I always thought it would be great to have such a lovable pet that you could easily travel with because, well, he'd help you get everywhere and you'd both have fun doing it! How awesome would it be to jet into work with Rush, have him around for company throughout the day, and then jet out?


Direwolf (Game of Thrones)

Ok, so the direwolves in Game of Thrones aren't exactly dogs. However, they fall within the canine family and are taken in by the Stark family, so consider them a related honorable mention I'm allowing on my list. The direwolves cared for by the Starks are absolutely beautiful. Large, smart, strong, loyal and affectionate, the direwolves will protect those caring for them and their friends. You wouldn't have to worry about a thing with one of these amazing animals by your side. Everyone would be in awe of them in the office and they'd be there for whatever you needed, whether it be protection or a hug!

What fictional dog would you want to take to work with you today? Let us know in the comments!