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11 great geeky crafts you can make for the holidays

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Dec 1, 2017, 1:00 PM EST

December is here and at this point, it's hard not to think about the holidays nonstop. To prepare for the upcoming celebrations, you might be thinking about different ways to decorate or what unique gifts you can give to people you know. It's a lot to worry about ... until you remember that you can add some extra fun to the mix by including your geekiness into the holidays. In fact, crafting provides a perfect way to add a little bit of geek to this festive season!

Fans are often inspired by their favorite things to channel their creative side and make a variety of amazing items. That's a gift for all of us, because many of those fans then go on to share their work online and offer tutorials so you can also try your hand at making these crafts. There are a lot of fun options for DIY holiday geek crafts out there, whether it's Harry Potter ornaments or DC Comics lights. Some crafts might require more experience, while others are perfect to make with your kids; they can be used for everything from decorations around your home to gifts to give to fellow geeks to just a fun activity to enjoy when you have the time.

Here are 11 crafts you can make to combine your geekiness with the holidays!

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Snowflakes

The weather outside is getting frightful, so why not embrace the winter spirit and make some of these snowflakes by designer Anthony Herrera? The designer offers free patterns on his website for making fun Guardians of the Galaxy designs that include baby Groot, adult Groot, Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Ronan, and Drax. It's as easy as downloading the PDFs and following along with the video instructions. Herrera's designs don't just include these Marvel heroes, either. On his website you can also find patterns to make snowflakes inspired by Harry Potter, Frozen, and Star Wars, and yes, there are even Porg designs!


2. Harry Potter Flying Key Ornaments

One of the most memorable parts of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is when Harry, Ron, and Hermione try to reach the stone. As they journey closer to it, one of the things they encounter set to guard the way forward are flying keys. Now, thanks to this tutorial by YouTube user TheCraftMaiden, you can have your own set of flying keys on your Christmas tree or anywhere you might want to add some extra magic for the holidays! TheCraftMaiden lays out the materials you'll need in the video description and offers templates for the wings. The video then shows exactly how you can bring the keys to life.


3. Steampunk Menorah

You might need a little more experience for this craft, but if you want to add some steampunk to your Hanukah (and who doesn't?) then you might want to check out this project. Instructables user Grunambulax has a step-by-step guide to creating your own steampunk menorah. The guide includes photos and explains all the tools and materials you'll need to get started. It's also worth exploring the comments, where others ask and answer questions about the project as well as offer feedback that might be helpful if you try your hand at this.


4. Bag End Wreath

Add a touch of Tolkien to your door with this stunning hobbit wreath from Set to Stunning! Fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are familiar with the round doors found on hobbit homes in the Shire. That look takes center stage in this project, inspired by the recognizable green door to Bilbo Baggins' home Bag End. The tutorial walks you through everything you need to do to complete the door. The best thing about this craft, though, is that you can use it beyond the holidays, because you can also take it out of the wreath and use it in any other way you want to continue to add geeky charm to your home throughout the year!


5. BB-8 Glitter Snow Globe

Everyone might be talking about porgs these days, but let's not forget about the droid that first stole our hearts at the start of this new Star Wars trilogy, BB-8. You can incorporate the adorable droid into your holiday décor with this great snow globe craft from The Start Button, a blog by Kelly Knox, who also contributes crafts to the official Star Wars website. This snow globe looks like a fun and relatively easy project to tackle when you have some time to focus on holiday DIY. With some paint, glitter, and the Star Wars miniature of your choice, it's a cute craft you can keep around all winter.


6. Molecule Ornaments

Your holiday DIY crafts offer the opportunity to geek out about science as much as the various fandoms you enjoy! These molecule ornaments are the perfect way to bring that scientific side to your holiday. Here GeekMom's Lisa Tate explains how to make "snowflake," DNA, and atom ornaments. You don't need too many materials for these, and they're something you can easily make with your kids. I especially like how the "snowflake" ornament uses H2O molecules!


7. Adventure Time Stocking


Have you had the same stocking for ages? Then it's time to craft something new that will have everyone saying, "Oh my glob!" Try your hand at making this Adventure Time BMO stocking with the help of Geek & Sundry Vlogs. Paul Mason the DIY Guy explains everything you need to know in his video. You can find the pattern online, and from there it's just about following the steps to craft your own BMO.


8. Lantern Corps Lights


For DC Comics fans, the Lantern Corps can now light up your nights. Instructables user MsSweetSatisfaction shared this tutorial for how to create some geeky holiday lights. This is another craft that doesn't require too many tools or materials and seems fairly easy to make if you have some time to dedicate to crafting. Once you've gathered everything you need, MsSweetSatisfaction goes through each of the steps and shows you what to do in the video above.


9. Game of Thrones Ornaments


Feel like the Mother of Dragons with these DIY dragon egg ornaments! Gamer and host of DIY Geeky Goodies iHasCupquake offers a simple tutorial for creating these ornaments. Some sequin ribbon is all you need to re-create the look of scales here, and with a few other materials, you can have as many dragon eggs for the holidays as you want before you can say Valar Morghulis!


10. Batman Wreath

On those silent nights, it might be nice to have a reminder of the Dark Knight around! The website Our Nerd Home has a fun tutorial for creating a stunning Batman wreath for the holidays. With the help of garland, cardboard, and a few other materials, the hero's logo will soon be uniquely gracing your door as it never has before. Overall, they say it should take only about a half an hour to make, so it shouldn't take too much time away from your other holiday tasks to give this a try.


11. Dinosaur Menorah

Whether you love Jurassic Park, are a paleontology geek, or just love geeking out about dinosaurs, you'll enjoy this fun dinosaur menorah. For this you'll need plastic dinosaurs, plastic candle holders, a drill, spray paint, glue, a hot glue gun, and a piece of wood for the base. The instructions walk you through each step and are accompanied by helpful photos so you won't feel like you're in a lost world while putting this together!

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