11 interspecies couples who prove love is love

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Feb 14, 2020, 12:50 PM EST (Updated)

When Virgil wrote "love conquers all," he forgot to consider DNA.

Whether their lovers are humanoid aliens or prehistoric oddities, Earthlings or extraterrestrials, Lycans or vampires, bat’leh-wielding warriors or accidental mutants, some science fiction characters overcome incredible odds (and unbelievable prejudice) by dating outside their gene pool—which explains why mortal enemies morphing into lovers seems to be a thing in sci-fi and fantasy. So does forbidden love between species with a bitter enmity since time immemorial.

Angelic, demonic, scaly, fanged, tentacled characters meet unlikely matches in significant others whose most obvious differences are chromosomal. So what if his face is ridged or her complexion is blue? If he risks a premature end of the world just to bring you back from the brink of death or she risks a fearsome bite in the jugular just to save you from a bristling pack of werewolves, that is enough to prove love really can transcend biological boundaries.

Whether your significant other is human or otherwise, these 11 interspecies lovers will have you convinced that love really can conquer anything real or unreal.


Ronnie and Brundle (The Fly)

Don't date anyone who messes around with telepods. While eccentric biologist Seth Brundle doesn't hatch as another species, his human chromosomes are soon spliced with a housefly's into the ultimate mutant monstrosity. If you've never seen one under a microscope, houseflies are positively horrifying from a macro point of view. Brundlefly is that nightmare fodder magnified several hundred times. Not that smitten science journalist Ronnie suspects any transformation is taking place when Brundle believes that teleporting himself has given him super strength and sexual prowess, but an unnatural appetite for sugar should have signaled that he'd accidentally merged himself with musca domestica. It takes a steadfast lover to put up with strange insectile bristles in bed and gaze into those compound eyes with anything resembling compassion. Never mind preventing herself from projectile-vomiting in his face after she finds out she's incubating his maggot. She should have reached for the bug spray.


Neytiri and Jake (Avatar)

Fantasy romances do come true — at least in an alternate reality. When paraplegic ex-Marine Jake has his mind transferred into the body of a genetically engineered N’avi to mine unobtanium in the poisonous atmosphere of far-flung moon Pandora, it becomes the most epic love story in Alpha Centauri. Unobtanium is soon the last thing Jake wishes to obtain after he falls for blue bombshell Neytiri. Seeing through her yellow eyes makes Jake fiercely protective of his extraterrestrial paramour and her people. If risking your life to abandon the destructive mining mission you were sent on to save your significant other's entire species (much to the horror of scientists back on earth) isn't love, it's hard to say what is. In this case, it's happily ever after when Pandoran magic fuses his consciousness to his avatar so he can be with Neytiri for however many revolutions around the planet Polyphemus mean forever.


Tauriel and Kili (The Hobbit)

Elves and dwarves were only mortal enemies for thousands upon thousands of years until Kili met Tauriel. The only inconvenience would be a ban on high heels (for her at least) if it wasn't for the Elvenking voicing his utter disapproval and disgust. Is Thranduil racist or just jealous? He would never admit it, but the haughty ruler of Mirkwood would probably never get his porcelain hands dirty saving his beloved's life, and neither would his obviously envious and equally perfect-haired son, Legolas. Tauriel turns her back on Elven tradition. She even risks banishment when she swoops in to Kili's rescue when he is stung by a poisonous orc arrow (much to the chagrin of Legolas). He slashes through a horde of snarling orcs just to reach her until he finally meets his demise at the point of a poisoned blade. To think, this star-crossed romance started over slaying a giant spider.


Wesley and Salia (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Welsey Crusher's unsuspecting crush on an alien princess, who appeared Earthling enough to be a passable date, mutates into something monstrous when her chaperone interferes. Not that the precocious son of a Starfleet officer can be taken so easily. His extraterrestrial love interest is fascinated by humans, and even more so by a particularly handsome fledgling ensign who is no Casanova playing the galactic field like Riker. She seems human(oid) enough with her homo sapien appearance and unabashed passion for chocolate. However, species-blind Wesley won't judge even when she does morph into an unspeakable thing with enormous red eyes and too many teeth for a makeout session. Somehow he still believes she is the most beautiful being in the entire universe even after seeing her bare her fangs. He swears to never forget her in any form as she transports on the holodeck — and she'll never forget the Thalian chocolate mousse.


Dax and Worf (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

It was the wedding of a light year: the bride wore bejeweled blood-red silk, the groom flaunted his warrior regalia and the vows were recited in Klingon. Then came the ceremonial attack on the newlyweds. The Enterprise's chief science officer, no stranger to Klingon males oozing machismo, starts shamelessly hitting on him not long after he materializes on the holodeck. Dax doesn’t wear the typical first-date outfit when he first lays eyes on her, awkwardly running into him as a medieval princess after an Arthurian romance simulation in the holosuite. She meets her real Lancelot in the form of a gruff Klingon who doesn't exactly keep his opinions to himself. While their relationship starts off more scorching than erotic fanfiction, Dax soon finds herself stranded among some alien-hating future in-laws. You know it's love when you're willing to face Klingon wrath and pre-wedding ritual torture just to walk down the aisle.


Liz and Hellboy (Hellboy)

Fireworks should go off immediately between pyrokinetic prodigy Liz Sherman and stone-handed demon Hellboy ... but it takes a literal battle before they do. He tirelessly tries to convince her to check out of her self-imposed sentence in a mental hospital despite her fears of everything she touches being incinerated. After his disastrous efforts to destroy a hellhound that asexually reproduces at warp speed, he finds himself jealously scowling behind her and a more human BPRD agent. Stalking the object of your affection is even creepier when you actually look like the devil incarnate. Releasing dragons of doom that could possibly send Earth into an early Armageddon just to reclaim Liz's soul from Rasputin proves just how much he burns for her. Later on, she returns the favor by giving him a reason to live that catapults him back from the brink of death. Sometimes the only way to a successful sci-fi relationship is through extremes.


Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy is drawn to bad boys, and the ultimate show of love might just be getting involved with someone who could literally rip your heart out. It does get complicated when that someone also happens to be a bloodsucker you're ultimately destined to kill as the Slayer. In one of the most ironic relationships to ever go down in the history of a fandom, Buffy and Angel become involved in a dangerous relationship on the brink of demonic disaster. Just one caveat: there is no penetrating the enemy here. Unless Buffy wants to rouse the ancient and lethal beast Angelus, the relationship can never be consummated. She learns this the hard way when they get past second base one night and his face starts to transform into something frighteningly inhuman. Even that isn't enough to to stop this potentially lethal cocktail of teenage hormones and vampire pheromones, and Angelus is eventually unleashed.


Selene and Michael (Underworld)

Vampires dating humans might be problematic, but vampires dating Lycans could end up a catastrophe with teeth. Human trauma surgeon Michael gets himself entangled in a brawl between the species and finds an unlikely ally in vampire Death Dealer Selene (who should be annihilating her bitter rivals) after she tries unsuccessfully to defend him from the werewolf whose bite turns him into a half-breed. She defies the prejudice of her people and a jealous would-be boyfriend by trying to keep Michael out of the Lycans' claws ... only to fall into his. That barely breaks the skin of how far Selene is willing to go to save him. If you're a vampire faced with a dying paramour, you reanimate him with a bite, even if it does revamp him into a vampire-Lycan hybrid. Unfortunately, there are no decent places for a night out in the underworld except for a certain warehouse.


Madame Vastra and Jenny (Doctor Who)

These two take "warts and all" to a whole new level -- try scaly skin, reptilian eyes, dinosaur profile and all. Same-sex relationships between different species are taboo in Victorian London, so to keep up appearances in this two-dimensional society, the prehistoric-looking Silurian (who is ancient enough to qualify as a museum specimen) has her significant other convince the public she is no more than a maid to a particularly peculiar noble who just happens to be alive since the Jurassic period roused from hibernation in the 19th century. What Victorian society doesn't know is they are actually married. The so-called scandal would have sent shockwaves through many petticoats. Rejected by her family for having a romantic interest in women and sent to the streets, Jenny was rescued by Vastra and fortunate that her future wife had lost her taste for devouring humans and imbibing their blood from a wineglass by then.


Chiana and D'Argo (Farscape)

When you go so far as to prostitute yourself and face immense peril in an alien world just to be help your lover reunite with his long-lost son, you must be devoted (to say the least). Chiana's relationship with Ka D'Argo is certainly unconventional. While they come from different planets, the free-spirited and often misunderstood Nebari's relationship with the uptight Luxan warrior is also the first she experiences without being used. What these polar opposites are attracted to is anyone's guess. Maybe it's his imposing presence and regal mane of tentacles, or her flawless hypothermic complexion. The affair somehow survived for more episodes than expected. Seems that she could have used more stability, and he needed to let his tentacles down sometimes. Lovers' quarrels unfortunately flare after D'Argo finds out how his girlfriend saved his son, Ka Jothee, who she then proceeds to have an affair with as revenge. Sigh, intergalactic love triangles.


John and Aerin (Farscape)

The lost astronaut from Earth and the Sebacean Peacekeeper are so frelling perfect together that DNA doesn't even matter. In this case "perfect" means two individuals so imperfect as the central lovers on a TV show but so obviously destined by each other by the universe that even their flaws merge into something sublime. To galactic army brat Aerin, emotions are an alien thing. Sometimes she'd much rather start a gunfight than actually talk out her frustrations. John falls into the chasm of drug addiction as an escape from the gravitational forces that both pull them together and tear them apart. They could be saving each other's life in battle one moment and being cold as death to one another the next, but this defiance of happily-ever-after stereotypes is what makes them refreshingly real even as they fly through the far reaches of wild space in a living ship. What the frell.