11 Jurassic Park fan films, ranked

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Jun 17, 2018, 5:09 PM EDT

If you're into genetically engineered primeval dinosaurs rampaging across the silver screen, the sunny month of June is a glorious time for you.

Not only did we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's original Jurassic Park last week, but the latest sequel in the billion-dollar franchise is set to stomp into theaters on June 22 when J. A. Bayona's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom strikes.

To get you in the proper mood for all the stampeding and screaming, we turn to the inventive realm of fan films, where amateurs pay tribute to their favorite movies with awesome unauthorized, not-for-profit short films injected with heart and imagination.

From wondrous dinos rendered in Lego and a ravenous T-rex stalking an innocent motorist, to claymation hatchings and apocalyptic scenarios, check out 11 of the best Jurassic Park fan films in our ranking below and tell us which ones you love best!

Dinosaur Nightmare - Jurassic World Fan Movie

Dinosaur Nightmare 2018

A velociraptor and a T-rex star in this brief entry where a college student returns home to his dorm room to discover a dino dining on a body in the hallway. More of a test to demonstrate the filmmaker's skill with CGI than an actual fleshed out film, it does offer some excellent effects work and an understanding of suspenseful editing. The twisty ending is somewhat predictable but it caps off the short in fine style.

Lost in The Jurassic (2017 Jurassic Park Fan Film)

Lost In The Jurassic 2017

Getting family and friends involved in fan films is all part of the fun homemade process. Here kids take an exotic vacation to a wild sanctuary to observe an assortment of dinos in their natural environment. The jeep chase scene is recreated with a toy car and the team delivers a campy CGI T-rex but the filmmakers' heart is evident and getting dad to swoop in and save the day ends their adventure on a happy note.

Jurassic World A Fan Film

Jurassic World: A Fan Film 2016


A solid example of what a no-budget fan film can accomplish with a little planning and effort.  Written, directed, edited, and produced by Sohail Sheikh, it's a riveting short with two men running from helicopter gunfire, explosions, and a toothy  T-rex on the rampage in a wilderness setting.  Short on plot, but displaying promise, it proves that anyone can reflect their love of a film franchise by getting out and shooting an entertaining mini-movie with nothing to lose.

JURASSIC LAND 2 - A Jurassic Park Fan Film

Jurassic Land 2 2016

From TD Productions comes this little film set right before the calamities at Jurassic World. Jurassic Land 2 showcases a pair of friends stuck on an uncharted island while a dangerous assortment of local wildlife awaits. It's directed by Tyler Aeschlimann on a gorgeous island location and carefully injected with a few added CGI dinosaurs to keep the tension high. Represents the most important part of making a fan film... having fun!

Jurassic Park: Prime Survival - Fan Film - FULL MOVIE

Prime Survival 2011

This troubled production took three years to complete but the results are entertaining and impressive considering the zero budget and amateur cast. The fun story centers around three friends headed for a trip to a strange deserted island. This location turns out to have been used for for the dinosaur habitation by the reckless folks at INGEN. As they uncover more details about the island's secrets, more chances arise for the group becoming tasty snacks for raptors or pterodactyls. Excellent use of voice-over and sound effects to elevate this creative project above more average entries.

CONTAINMENT BREACH: A Jurassic Park Fan Film

Containment Breach 2016

This impressive short is set just before the events of the original Jurassic Park, with a park a ranger dealing with a velociraptor that has breached containment. Written and directed by Dion Cavallaro, it's a short but sweet entry that effectively uses a simple setup accented by decent CGI work. Doesn't skimp on the title treatments either, boosting the level of professionalism.

T-Rex Chase - Jurassic World Fan Movie

T-Rex Chase 2017

Yes, this is the T-Rex Chase short that has already claimed 17 million hits on YouTube!  It was created by Indian filmmaker Hunain using Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere. The plot is sparse and involves a stranded motorist who suddenly becomes the target of a killer T-rex. The CGI work here is sensational and a follow-up to this fan film has tallied up over 12 million views.

Jurassic Park: Site C - A Fan Film

Jurassic Park: Site C 2017

Head out to Isla Muerto with a grown-up Lex, granddaughter of John Hammond, and she embarks on an expedition to research and document dino species on a mysterious island owned by INGEN. This Jurassic Park fan film was produced by Texas students from Lago Vista for their final project. Directed by Michael Chiappone and filled with an old-fashioned charm, this short blends live-action shots with found video footage to heighten the jungle experience.

Jurassic Planet (2018) - Jurassic Park Fan Film

Jurassic Planet 2018

Check out this ambitious effort written and directed by Zachary Zurcher. It's set in the Jurassic Park universe and takes place following the disasterat the Jurassic World theme park in 2015. In Zurcher's scenario, "a perfect storm of disease, disaster, and death have brought an end to the world as we used to know it. Now, 15 years after the fall of civilization, dinosaurs rule the Earth again." This is a fantastic starting point for a Jurassic Park film at any level, amateur or Hollywood, with survivors being stalked by marauding dinos. Clever integration of CGI, practical effects, and stock footage to create the illusions.


Lego Jurassic Park 2015

Here's a sparkling recreation of Jurassic Park using the equivalent of $100,000 worth of Lego bricks and ten tons of imagination, creativity, and patience.  Stop-motion animation is a painstaking process and this team of Paul Hollingsworth, his daughter Hailee, and their talented friends built an amazing array of sets and props to tell their abbreviated Jurassic story.  Adorned with loads of inside jokes and Easter eggs, this is a delight to watch, especially for the outstanding sound effects and vocal cast.  Hold on to your bricks!  Four million viewers can't be wrong!

Jurassic Park: Fan Recreation Movie | Recreate | #JurassicPark25

Jurassic Park: Fan Recreation Movie 2018

With the added support of Jurassic directors Colin Trevorrow and J.A. Bayona, this incredible fan film mashup was designed for Jurassic Park's 25th anniversary with the help of hundreds of inspired fans who each crafted their own recreated segment of the famous film. This is a compilation of the best submitted entries from around the world and presents a wide range of styles, tones, and approaches. Each snippet utilizes everything from puppets, cardboard, and claymation, to electric kiddie-cars, paper beards, and plastic toys to show their Jurassic Park love. Takes home the gold!