11 Kryptonian plants and animals that want to kill you

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Apr 25, 2018, 5:39 PM EDT (Updated)

When you think about it, there's no other planet in all of comics that's been written about more than Superman's doomed homeworld of Krypton. With 80 years of DC artists, writers, and editors putting their individual stamp on the flora and fauna that populate this hostile-yet-beautiful cosmic destination, there's bound to be some incredibly imaginative variety.

Named after the infamous radioactive ore, Kryptonite, Krypton had its first full appearance in the pages of Superman #1 during the summer of 1939. Since then, over the course of thousands of stories, legends, and sagas, a malevolent menagerie of deadly creatures and toxic plants have been featured to add to the planet's abundance of native dangers.

Let's trek into the wilds of Krypton's jungles, mountains, islands, lakes, and oceans to see what deadly oddities exist. Step lightly and watch out for that wicked weed! It might devour your brain for an afternoon snack.



This incendiary flora is a unique organism that lives near the legendary Fire-Falls of Krypton. The toxic red fluids inside the plant are highly flammable and are secreted into the waters of the falls to create the flaming phenomenon. Their extreme nature makes them a poor choice for ground cover around fireworks factories or gas stations.



A sinister serpentine creature with barbed purple skin, a wicked spiked tail, and a single unicorn-like spiral atop its head. These hateful monsters laid waste to Kryptonian cities ages ago and are considered volatile and unmannerly. In Action Comics #303, Red Kryptonite turned Superman into a 200-foot Drang until Supergirl figures out the transformation and saves the day.

krypton plant.png


This natural menace is a malignant vine that becomes a threat when exposed to any type of significant radiation. Its uncontrollable growth rate will strangle the life out of any family get-together or botany club social event. Best left away from any nuclear bombs or radioactive isotopes.



As Supes declares in the vintage panel above, the Octosaur is a formidable beast native to Krypton and certainly best avoided at all costs. With its complement of giant suckered tentacles, spiked ridgeline along its back, and monstrous flipper feet, this creature is equally at home on land or in water and loves feasting of humans and aliens alike.



These beautiful but deadly crystalline birds are possibly related to the avian creatures whose skeletons formed the great Jewel Mountains. Soaring the skies of Krypton’s last ice age, they hunted down bands of humanoids until the glaciers receded and they migrated back into chillier climates. In more modern Kryptonian times, they were near extinction but several survived and attacked prey with powerful beaks and long, sharp talons.

metal eater.png


As its name suggests, this primeval-like beast is confined to a glass cage in the Kryptonian Zoo for fear it'd munch right through its enclosure. It prefers a diet of scrap metal and steel pipes to nourish itself. They're also known to chow down on Kryptonite and a trio of the creatures were kept in Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

leech lizard.png


Leech-lizards might look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book but these parasitic predators are some of the most dangerous animals on Krypton. Their specialty is absorbing the life-force of other beings and creatures and they might be a close cousin to the much larger Ganzaga lizards of the planet.



Yes, there be behemoth sea monsters in the oceans of Krypton and this is one of the biggest and baddest. A Pryllgu is a voracious leviathan that enjoys devouring exploratory sailing ships and their helpless crews. Seen in a flashback in 1981's Krypton Chronicles #2, they were a menace to early Kryptonian missions of discovery.



A ferocious feline jungle beast sporting cat-like whiskers and a full set of flesh-rending teeth, the Yagrum is not partial to catnip but instead enjoys snacking on fresh meat, preferably yours! The rare, four-legged purple predator was first mentioned in 1981's Krypton Chronicles #1.



Krypton is home to all sorts of weird 'shrooms, both hallucinatory, culinary, and deadly! This little green mushroom resembles the more typical Gronya variety of fungal plant found in the Scarlet Jungle, but with fatal consequences, if ingested.

thought beast.png


Channeling images via its mind-screen situated between its curved horns, the Thought-Beast is native to the Scarlet Jungle and was first seen in 1963's Superboy #102. They use the image generators to connect to their prey's or predator's thoughts, causing hallucinations and/or disturbing imagery to temporarily distract its victims or attackers. The aggressive, rhino-like beasts are best kept at a considerable distance!