11 R-rated superhero movies we hope to see after Deadpool paves the way

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Apr 3, 2015, 4:04 PM EDT

Earlier this week, Ryan Reynolds answered the prayers of many fans when he revealed that his upcoming Deadpool film will indeed be rated R. Many fans were worried that the current superhero movie environment would pressure the film to strip down to PG-13, and that it would therefore lose a bit of that Deadpool attitude, but now everyone who's waited years for a Wade Wilson solo flick seem to be getting what they want. 

Amid all the celebration for an R-rated Deadpool, another thought emerged: What will happen if Deadpool is a huge hit? It seems pretty likely right now that the film could be a strong box-office draw, so what are the implications of that? We've seen R-rated comic-book movies before, sure, but what happens when a film that exists in the X-Men universe over at Fox becomes a hit with an R rating? Could it perhaps encourage other R-rated superhero projects, particularly ones that exist inside established, mostly PG-13, superhero movie universes?

With that in mind, we thought up a few possibilities for R-rated superhero flicks we'd like to see if Deadpool creates an environment for them to thrive in. We've stuck solely to superheroes for this, so you won't find things like Y: The Last Man in the bunch, and we also did our best to avoid characters and teams that are already turning into big-screen projects (that we know of, anyway). Check out the choices in the gallery below, and let us know which R-rated superhero flicks you'd like to see in the comments!