11 zombies it hurt to kill because we loved them so much

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People die—especially in zombie movies. Oftentimes it's characters we like. In some cases, it's characters we love.

From modern zombie tales like The Walking Dead to horror classics like Dawn of the Dead, zombie fighters have been biting the dust for decades.

Sometimes they are characters we want to see as walker bait, but other times those brutal death scenes involve characters we've connected with and really don't want to see go.

To make it even worse, they're not just dead. They're the thing they usually hate the most—a zombie.

In honor of those dearly departed, and for the 13th of our 31 Days of Halloween posts, here are a dozen of the most heartbreaking zombie deaths out there.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead!]

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Sophia, The Walking Dead The survivors spent the brunt of season two looking for the sweet little lost Sophia. Turns out she was a walker trapped in the barn for most of that time. The worst part, when she stumbles out of the dark looking for some delicious human flesh, Rick has to choke back the tears and put a bullet in her brain.
Frank, 28 Days Later A sweet, loving father just trying to take care of his little girl. At least until a drop of infected blood hits his eyeball and he’s immediately infected. The worst part? He has to be beaten to death in front of his daughter before he kills them all.
Sam the dog, I Am Legend This one is arguably the most heartbreaking on the list—and it doesn’t even involve a human. Sam the dog, pet of Robert Neville (Will Smith), is his only companion for much of the film. The loyal pup even sacrifices himself to protect his owner, taking a hit and getting infected in the process. Neville has to put him down by hand in one of the most heart-wrenching scenes ever filmed.
Luda, Dawn of the Dead (2004) She was sweet, pregnant and the one everyone was pulling for to make it out alive. Sadly, she gets bitten, but her grief-stricken husband keeps her tied up to complete her pregnancy ... which doesn’t end well. Once the other survivors find zombie-Luda, her zombie days are numbered.
Barbara, Shaun of the Dead Shaun’s mom was zany and reminded basically everyone of their own mom. Bringing a truly heartbreaking streak to this zombie comedy, she gets infected and her own son has to put her down once she starts to turn.
Roger, Dawn of the Dead (1978) It’s always tough to see the hero become the enemy, but that’s exactly what happens when Roger is bitten and eventually turns into a zombie. This is one of the first scenes to ever break our hearts by having a character we love die as a zombie.
Samuel, Diary of the Dead A nice, old Amish man in a world gone mad, Samuel at least died a brave death after he’s bitten by a zombie. In one of the cooler deaths on this list, he uses a scythe to slice through his own brain while also taking out the zombie who infected him. Nice.
Rain, Resident Evil A sassy member of the team of ass-kickers sent in when all hell breaks loose at The Hive, Rain makes it almost to the end of the film—but finally succumbs to a zombie bite, as it’s too late for the anti-virus to help.
Don, 28 Weeks Later Yeah, Don wasn’t perfect—but he was a pretty good approximation of the everyman. He saves his own hide and leaves some family behind early on, but is eventually reunited with his wife ... who is carrying the virus and infects him with a kiss. He kills his wife, and goes on a rampage before being put down later in the film. A sad end for a sad man.
Amy, The Walking Dead This show likes to rip our hearts out early and often, and you could honestly pick a half-dozen deaths from this series alone. But, this was one of the toughest. Andrea does everything she can to protect her younger sister, but no one is ever truly safe when zombies are around. She becomes walker-food in an attack, and Andrea is forced to blow the head off her own sister once she turns.
Bill Murray, Zombieland Yeah, we know, Murray wasn’t actually a zombie in this one. But, he sure looked the part in his epic cameo (he dressed up in zombie make-up to hit the golf course). Sadly, a prank gone wrong results in the former Ghostbuster taking a shot to the chest, resulting in one of the most memorable death scenes ever.
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