11 awesome Cyber Monday deals for sci-fi fans

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Who cares if Black Friday is done and gone? For sci-fi fans, Cyber Monday is where it's at! Hundreds of online retailers are offering special deals for today only, including the LEGO Star Wars Death Star, James Cameron's Avatar: The Game and many others.

Check out 11 great deals below!

2001: A Space Odyssey Blu-ray

The Stanley Kubrick/Arthur C. Clarke collaboration is even more of a masterpiece on Blu-ray, available at Amazon.

Stephen King's Under the Dome

In King's novel, a transparent dome suddenly descends on a Maine town, trapping the people inside—and trapping us in his 1,074-page book, available at Barnes & Noble.

Resident Evil 5

What says the holidays better than a new horror-filled mission for Chris Redfield from the original Resident Evil, now with a new, two-player online co-op mode, available at Amazon.

LEGO Star Wars: Death Star

The ultimate Death Star playset includes accessories from Episodes IV and VI plus 25 Star Wars characters and droids, and is available at Toys "R" Us.

Terminator—Deluxe Head

Turn yourself into an advanced T-600 robot of the future with the lights, sounds and voice-changing capability of the chrome dome, available at Amazon.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Go beyond infinity with the 16-inch-tall Buzz, available at Amazon.

Supernatural Complete First Season DVD

See how the two haunted brothers began their travels in their series' first season, available at

Avatar: The Game

Can't wait to see how James Cameron's newest film turns out? Then play it for yourself in the new game based on Avatar, available at Sears.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Complete Season One Blu-ray

Follow Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker immediately after the events of Star Wars—Episode II: Attack of the Clones, available at Amazon.

Star Trek the Original Series Tricorder

Get ready for your next Away Mission with this Tricorder replica from the original Star Trek, available at Amazon.

17" Twilight Edward Cullen Doll

Is it considered stalking if you want to take Robert Pattinson home with you? Not when he's one of the Tonner Company's realistic dolls, available at Amazon.