11 epic, funny and bizarre Game of Thrones video mashups

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Dec 17, 2012

We're finally in the home stretch of the lead-up to Game of Thrones season two, but we're still having trouble waiting for war to come. Sadly, we can't deliver the Clash of Kings direct to your desktop, but we can give you amusing glimpses of the series through the eyes of funny, clever and seriously deranged web video editors.

From a buddy sitcom starring Tyrion Lannister to an epic fantasy adventure starring adorable magic ponies, here's a collection of the very best Game of Thrones mashup videos the Internet has to offer.

One and a Half Man

Few things were more memorably amusing in Game of Thrones season one than the relationship between Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister and his gruff sellsword Bronn. Take that relationship and recut it as a quirky buddy comedy about two guys just trying to get ahead in the world, and you've got something that's even more amusing.

A Goonies Game of Thrones

It shouldn't be surprising that our first two videos are built around the awesomeness that is Tyrion Lannister. Peter Dinklage's Emmy-winning performance is a fan favorite for a lot of reasons, not least of which is his unapologetically crude and hilarious "confession" to Lysa Arryn while imprisoned in the Eyrie. Here his rather bawdy monologue is replaced—to great effect—with a similar (less bawdy) confession by Chunk in The Goonies.

Game of Puppets, Season 2

Take the dialogue from the first full-length Game of Thrones season two trailer and put it in the mouths of the cast of Sesame Street. There's something about dancing puppets combined with philosophical speeches about the true nature of power that just feels right.

Game of Kombat

Who could forget the awesome power exhibited by Khal Drogo as he faced off against the insolent Maggo and ripped his tongue from his throat? Well, trust us, you'll be even less likely to forget it if a booming voice declares "FATALITY" at the end.

Game of Thrones/Tudors credits mashup

Before Game of Thrones made it to premium cable, Showtime had its own steamy medieval thing going on with The Tudors, a show so full of historical liberties that it may as well have been fantasy. This video blends the music and editing style of The Tudors' opening credits with footage of each Game of Thrones season one lead on the Iron Throne. It's clever and cool and might be the most seamless mashup of the bunch.

Disney's Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is about as far from family entertainment as it gets, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun by putting the dialogue in the mouths of Disney characters. This mashup uses the audio from the first season two trailer and populates the screen with the likes of Grumpy the Dwarf (as Tyrion, naturally), Prince John from Robin Hood (as Prince Joffrey), Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Mulan as Arya Stark and more. And, of course, that dragon from Sleeping Beauty makes an obligatory appearance.

Game of Thrones video + Dark Knight Rises trailer audio

The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises relies a lot on themes of power and what it does to both the big people and the small. So does Game of Thrones. When you put the two together, it's not entirely seamless (the National anthem and Bane's reference to Gotham don't quite fit), but there are moments of surprising resonance that come out of the combination.

Games of Badassdom

What if Game of Thrones were a little more lighthearted, so lighthearted that it turned out to be a comedy spoofing stuff like ... well, like Game of Thrones? This mashup reimagines the series with a bit more levity by setting footage from season one to the audio track of the trailer for the upcoming LARP comedy Knights of Badassdom.

Game of Thrones 16-Bit RPG

We've got a Game of Thrones RPG on the way now, but we would have loved to play even back in the days when 16-bit graphics were the height of gaming. This hilarious video puts us in that bygone era through several action and comedy-packed Game of Thrones sequences. Prepare yourself for 16-bit incest, beheadings and Tyrion quipping!

Game of Thrones on a Commodore 64

Game of Thrones - Commodore 64 Mashup from Marcus Andersson on Vimeo.

Much like our last clip, this mashup envisions Game of Thrones as a Commodore 64 game. It's not much on action or comedy, but it does have some amusing and well-done low-tech maps and royal house descriptions.

Game of Ponies

My Little Pony mashups are all over the net these days, but we're not complaining. It's freaky how well those cute little horses seem to sync up with the audio tracks from our favorite trailers. Here, from the same YouTube user who brought you ponyrific mashups of The Dark Knight and Serenity, is the excellent Game of Ponies, using one of the early full-length trailers for season one.

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