11 pics of Star Wars nursery created by most awesome parents ever

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Dec 15, 2012

Many nurseries for children are decorated in pastel colors, with teddy bears or maybe the alphabet. But this lucky child, Rocky M. Oleson III, has the best nursery theme ever: His parents outfitted his nursery in a Star Wars theme.

Young children have had Star Wars themes for their bedrooms, but we've never seen a sci-fi spectacular room for an infant before. And it really is quite adorable. From the spaceship mobile over the crib to the Wampa-skin rug, this nursery is the perfect room for any child to grow into a youngling.

It turns out that this wasn't just the work of geeky parents. Rocky's grandmother cross-stitched a symbol of the Rebel Alliance on his birth sampler, thus putting him on the path of the Light Side.

Lucky kid doesn't just have a geeky dad ... he has an entire geek family.

Check out the pics below.

(via StarWarsBlog and OhDeeDoh)

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