11 secrets from Grimm's 'bigger, and badder and more dangerous' S2

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Dec 17, 2012

The fall television season launches tonight, believe it or not, with the season-two premiere of NBC's Grimm, and the producers promise that it's going to be bigger and "more dangerous" than last season. Co-creators and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf say that tonight's episode will pick up moments after last season's cliffhanger-filled finale, and that we'll get some answers to some of the show's most burning questions.

"We're not going to continue to tease people. In the first episode, and in the second episode too, a lot of these questions will be very clearly answered," said Greenwalt during a conference call with Kouf.

[Spoilers ahead]

"Why is [Nick's] mom back? Well, that's all going to be explained in the first episode, and she's been on a long quest, and they have lots of issues to work out. One with the other. And boy, does he have a lot of questions he wants answered. You think you want your questions answered. He wants his questions answered, and quite a few of them will be answered," he added.

While the producers were more than a little cagey about what we have to look forward to on Grimm, they did spill some secrets about tonight's premiere, "Bad Teeth," and the upcoming season. Here's what they told us:

Regarding Nick

Last season ended with Nick trying to save his fiancée, Juliette, who ended up in the hospital near death thanks to being poisoned when a Hexenbiest's cat scratched her. And his dead mama, a Grimm herself, turned out not to be so dead. So what's ahead for Nick?

"He's got to deal with his familial legacy and his mom, and he will learn a lot more about his past and his family," said Kouf.

"Nick does business in a different way from most Grimms. In that he's got a Wesen buddy—Wesen being the word for these critters—and he cooperates with them. He doesn't just shoot first and ask questions later. Historically Grimms are like, 'If I see a Wesen I'm cutting their head off.' And that's not Nick's approach. So his life is going to be both richer and more complicated. Because of him, because of who he is," said Greenwalt.

And Nick will find himself targeted by a particularly nasty Wesen. "In the first episode Nick is going to face something unlike anything he has ever faced before. It will be bigger, and badder, and more dangerous, and more vicious. And Nick is growing into his own, and part of that is learning more about his past from his mother and coming to grips with a lot of the emotional things that have happened to him," he said.

Nick will also face challenges regarding the humans he cares about in his life. "He's just going to have to deal with his partner who has seen a lot of crazy stuff. He's fessed up to Juliet about everything, and she did not take it well. But now she's unconscious, and who knows what's going to happen there?" added Greenwalt.

"The second season, it is going to be Nick coming into his own, but he's going to be challenged on so many levels. Not only with all these things he learns from his mother, but with complications from Juliet. And there's a lot of bad critters now coming to Portland just for Nick. Because he is becoming known now."

Regarding the direction season two will take

"We'll also reveal some more of the deeper history with the Grimms and tie it to some more real events in the past," said Kouf.

"I think it will be even bigger and better in season two, if we do say so ourselves," said Greenwalt.

"If we don't screw it up," said Kouf.

"If we don't screw it up," said Greenwalt.

Regarding Hank

Hank has "some real issues coming up in the first three episodes," said Kouf.

"He's seen some stuff that he can't explain, and it's going to start throwing him into quite a tizzy," said Greenwalt.

Regarding Monroe

Our favorite reformed Big Bad Wolf is "going to be faced with some life-and-death issues, because of his relationship with Nick, that he refuses to give up. There's a lot of forces in our world that do not like the idea of cooperating with what we call Wesen, which are the critters," said Greenwalt.

"And he's going to have another relationship with another officer," said Kouf.

Regarding Monroe and Rosalee

Last season's hinted at romance will indeed bloom, but not without some challenges. Bree Turner has been upgraded to a regular this season, so there will be plenty of time for her Rosalee to get up close and personal with Monroe.

"There will be an attraction there. They each have a past, and ..." said Greenwalt.

"The road gets a little rocky," added Kouf.

"Yes, the roads get a little rocky, and challenges will have to be faced and met."

Regarding Captain Renard and the Royal Families

"You're going to get a lot about Renard really early on," said Kouf.

"There's going to be some big questions answered and some new problems posed. And he too is going to be faced with a lot of conflict."

There's also the hint that Renard might be involved with the Royal Families, a mysterious cabal that just may be behind the turmoil in the world.

"His family and the relationship between him and his people in the family and his network of what's going on in Europe and all the things ..." said Kouf.

"That'll be throughout the whole season. You're going to be learning more and more about his family. Why he's in Portland. Why he's not in Europe. And lots of castle intrigue, if you will," added Greenwalt.

Regarding the Coins of Zakynthos

Those mysterious coins behind Adolf Hitler and Niro that Nick has hidden away will indeed come back into play.

"You'll get the real explanation of what is involved and how deep this history goes. So that's coming up in the first couple. So it will be a lot answered about the key in the first couple of episodes. And the coins are still incredibly dangerous and must be dealt with. And a lot of people still want to get their hands on those coins," said Greenwalt.

And yes, one of those people will be someone very close to Nick.

Regarding what creatures we'll meet this season

"There's something called a Mauvais Dentes. That means actually 'bad teeth,' and it's a saber-tooth-tiger kind of creature. A couple interesting things about the Mauvais Dentes ... One is that he's just a killing machine and to be feared. He could take out a whole village. And two, animals or critters, or creatures that are extinct in our world are not necessarily extinct in the Wesen world. But this is a very rare creature that requires a lot of support and backing to get him thrust into Nick's life, and making Nick's life a living hell," said Greenwalt.

Then "there's something ... which is almost like a horse-like creature, except with translucent skin. Who's definitely coming after Nick," said Greenwalt.

"He's more mythologically based," said Kouf.

"He's not just a typical animal creature of ours. We have all kinds of things happening,"

"We have more Blutbads coming back."

"We've got a sheep and wolf story. Oh, and a spitting cobra. All kinds of stuff. You know, bigger and badder creatures this year," said Greenwalt.

Regarding this season's guest stars

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio will return as Nick's mother, Kelly, who is also a Grimm. Her character will recur.

"You're going to see a wonderful actor, James Frain, as a ... well, you'll just have to stay tuned. But he's going to be recurring," said Greenwalt. Frain will play Captain Renard's estranged brother, Eric.

"Mark Pellegrino is going to be in it for one" episode, said Kouf. Pellegrino will play Jarold, an old friend of Hank's.

And Monroe's ex Blutbad girlfriend, Angelina, played by Jaime Ray Newman, will revisit the Grimm-verse.

Why the producers and writers didn't have a hiatus between seasons

"We didn't have to come back [from hiatus] because we never left," said Greenwalt. "We will have done 37 of these in a row by the time we get to November, end of November."

The co-creator said that NBC "made us an offer we couldn't refuse. They actually came to our offices. They being the big brass at NBC. And when they come to you it's like a doctor. This will be either really good news or really bad news. And they explained what they wanted to do with pushing us to [air right after the] Olympics and how great it was going to be. But we had to be on the air by this coming Monday," he said.

"And we actually were told to sleep on it. Because it was, for us the writers, there really was no hiatus. The actors got a little bit of a break. But not much of one. I think it's worked out well. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and we all stayed in production, and I think the actors like to just keep working. But it's been a challenge, too."

And speaking of challenges

"We always are thinking we are making movies every week, and we find that on a TV schedule that's really difficult. So we're always pushing the limits of what our current crew can actually accomplish in eight days, because we write big action-based stories," said Kouf.

"And we like to write little short scenes where something big happens in almost every scene. And if we were doing an animated show we could get away with it really well, but we've got this amazing crew and amazing cast and they are working very hard to bring all this to life," said Greenwalt.

"We have a big special-effects team that works on trying to get all these characters morphed. And all the special effects we do it's a challenge as well getting them done on a television schedule," said Kouf.

Grimm airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC. On Sept. 21, the show will move to Fridays at 9.

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