12 deleted video game characters (that still appear in the code of classic games)

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Jun 7, 2016, 8:20 PM EDT

Throughout the month of June, Blastr will be celebrating our favorite digital diversions with Video Game Month: A look at some best, worst and wackiest from the world of shooters, space sims, strategy games, and more. 

Like an ex-boyfriend, deleted characters sit around the memory prompting one to wonder what could have been. I took a look at a dozen classic titles that still have code for heroes and villains not appearing in the actual game.


Gojira in Fallout: New Vegas

News recently broke that cell phone radiation may be a lot more harmful than previously thought. We find this dubious: If there's so much man-made radiation, then where are all the Godzillas? Checkmate, scientists. Apparently, designers of the radiation-scourged wastelands of Fallout: New Vegas agree with us, as Gojira was originally a boss character.


Bond Actors in Goldeneye

In addition to female heads, alternate guards, and apparently some guy's irl plumber, all of the former Bonds were originally playable characters. They were removed due to legal concerns, but their pictures remain in the code. Too bad, since three different Bonds facing off against one frustratingly-impossible-to-hit Oddjob may have been a fair fight.


Goombaria in Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, Goombaria is an NPC who sends the hero on a mission to collect her dolly. Figuring players would not be able to get enough of this in-your-face action, the creators put in code to make her a playable sidekick. There was already a playable character named Goombario, so they decided not to include Goombaria, lest they have another incident like the Japanese Peach/Daisy riots of 1989.


Undead King Jar-Eel from Dark Souls

One of the most popular aspects of Dark Souls is the unique and involved set of boss fights. This is why it's intriguing that there was another boss fight planned and coded, yet cut from the game. Undead King Jar-Eel wields a curved greatsword and steals soul levels. Like all Dark Souls bosses, he also has the fourth-wall-breaking power of cracking your television screen by making you throw your controller at him.


Roll, Tron, Bon, Glyde, Gatz, and Matilda from Mega Man Legends 2

Mega Man Legends was an experimental series, in that it had a plot that went deeper than just killing robots with increasingly lazy gimmicks. Originally, there were six playable characters besides Mega Man: Roll, Tron, Bon, Glyde, Matilda and Gatz. It's possible to use codes to tweak Mega Man's appearance to resemble these robots. Also present in the code is a model of Mega Man wearing an apron, because, when you're battling Reaverbots, the last thing you want to do is get anything on you.


Buncha Guys from Mortal Kombat II

Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Smoke, Noob Saibot, and Jade are all playable in MKII for the Genesis using an Action Replay device. We always wanted Smoke to have a fatality where he gives his opponent lung cancer.


8 Banned Characters from NBA Jam Tournament Edition

From the Beastie Boys to Sarah Palin, the hugely successful basketball franchise has been known for extremely silly secret characters. However, the NBA decided that 8 characters were just too wacky for their game, and banned them. These characters included four Mortal Kombat characters, a gorilla, and the grim reaper. Mortal Kombat was a lightning rod for arcade controversy, so we understand them getting the axe. But short of collapsing on the court due to an enlarged heart, one never gets a chance to goe one-on-one with the Grim Reaper.


Different Breeds in Nintendogs

This wildly popular spin on the virtual pet features unused code for a Papillon and a Maltese. We found this statement about them, "both need long hair shampoo like in real life," which lets you know the cutting-edge realism and excitement that propelled this title to sell 24 million copies


Mew from Early Pokemon Games

Only given out to select players at promotional events, accessing Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue became the center of perhaps the most rampant internet rumors of all time. I tried getting to level 100 then sending Squirtle out on the S.S. Anne to get strength, then hitting up, down, up, down, left, right, B, A, select, start, but it never moved the truck Mew was supposedly hiding under. It did, however, summon Cthulhu in real life, which totally got me grounded. Eventually, a glitch was found to access the character


Tails in Sonic and Knuckles

Tails actually exists in a playable form in Sonic and Knuckles. As always, he is a two tailed-fox, a sombre reminder of the extremely toxic radiation emitted by chaos crystals.


Birds and Fish in Tekken 3

"Animals" is the theme of deleted characters in this arcade smash hit. Fighters named Crow, Falcon, Hawk, and Owl are all in the code, and can be played through hacks. Most interesting is the character, "Sake," who was intended to be a giant, flopping fish. However, having a character that sucked at combat and, you know, couldn't even breathe the atmosphere in the arena, proved to be too silly.


Today show hosts in Lego Star Wars III

Hidden in the Lego adaptation of this horribly disappointing movie is data for a set of even more disappointing hidden characters. The four hosts of NBC's Today Show have costumes floating around the code. It's too bad they weren't included, because Al Roker losing his mind would've brought some much needed entertainment to the plot.