12 episodes of TV shows that were supposed to be scary (but weren't)

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Jul 4, 2015

Horror is a tough thing to pull off on the small screen, and when it doesn’t work, it can be an ugly sight.

From The X-Files to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a lot of shows have managed to get it right over the years. But those standard bearers have also gotten it wrong — along with a few others that have tried (and failed) to tingle our spines.

Be is a lame-o story of a possessed computer, or a classic folk legend that really should be scary and isn't, sometimes it just doesn’t work despite the best of intentions. Yes, even the great shows out there stumble from time to time.

So while we get ready to be terrified this Halloween, here -- for the 22nd of Blastr's posts celebrating the 31 Days of Halloween -- are a dozen TV episodes guaranteed not to frighten you on a dark night.

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