12 fun fan-made sci-fi Vine videos: Harry Potter! Superman! Poopasaurus!

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Apr 23, 2013, 1:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Stop-motion is making a comeback these days, thanks in large part to the mobile video app Vine. So what are sci-fi fans doing with this nifty new tool?

Mostly being snarky, and making awesome little homages to their favorite sci-fi and fantasy films. From Harry Potter to Prometheus, no target is safe from the stop-motion-styled, 6-second video craze.

With all the crazy CGI and effects we have these days, it’s easy to forget how effective the classic frame-by-frame stop-motion style can be. Inspired by Bryan Singer’s recent WTF set video from X-Men: Days of Future Past, we’ve pulled together 12 of the coolest and quirkiest amateur sci-fi clips out there.

Check them out and let us know which is your favorite:


”I think it’s obvious what you are, Harry ...”

One of the most creative clips out there, this one is the perfect example of the cool things you can do with the power of stop-motion and a whole lot of effort.


”Stone Skippers”

A hilariously low-budget attempt at a sci-fi series. Part He-Man, part WTF. All awesome.



Like low-budget claymation (poop-mation?), this 6-second tidbit follows the journey of a poop dinosaur climbing out of the toilet. Just trust us, it’s funny.


”Deuchamp v. Crab Men!”

A throwback to the pulpy, classic sci-fi days of the genre. It’s strange, but fun.


”Lil Paranormal Activity going on here”

Another great example of all the inventive stuff you can do with stop-motion-style video. It totally works, and the low-budget feel only adds to the creepiness.


”New Prometheus 2 trailer”

Simple. Elegant. Snarky. This clip pokes fun at Ridley Scott’s mostly panned Prometheus, and sets up a teaser that could, probably, be similar to something the writers cooked up.  


”Claylien Teleporting Powers”

A fun little short about a green goo alien teleporting around the scene. Simple, but cute.


”Asian Superman’s identity REVEALED last night?”

One of the best superhero shorts, this one takes advantage of the stop-motion style to peel back the identity of everyone’s favorite Asian hero: Asian Superman!


”Ryker and Troi discover a stranger blue box”

How can you beat a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, made with action figures and a small TARDIS collectible? Oh, if only this episode could happen for real.


“So I met my clone”

Probably playing on the recent BBC America series Orphan Black, this little clip is a fun, snarky twist on the sci-fi clone trope.


”My favorite movie Aliens directed by James Cameron”

An excellent, brief homage to one of the most iconic scenes from the sci-fi classic Aliens. Stop-motion makes this knife trick a whole lot safer to shoot than the live way.


”Alexander Lifeforce 3/3 People of Earth, I’ve made a huge mistake"

An animated sci-fi adventure. This little scene features some sharp artwork to tell a mini sci-fi tale.

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