12 Monkeys execs on that shocking cliffhanger, 'attraction' between Cole and Cassie

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Mar 2, 2015, 1:09 PM EST

The ambitious sci-fi series 12 Monkeys is giving Orphan Black a run for its money in the “Best Show You’re Not Watching” category, and the latest episode took things to a whole new level.

Spoilers ahead for the current season of Syfy’s (Disclaimer: Corporate owner of Blastr - Ed.) 12 Monkeys!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of breathing room in the first half of the season, and we got to see Cole’s quest to destroy the world-ending virus seemingly come to a head in the latest episode. The twist? He seemingly gave his life to make it happen, by serving as the human homing beacon for a missile attack aimed at wiping the virus from existence. Which seems like it might've worked.

The episode ends with Cole being engulfed in flames from the explosion, but don’t worry, executive producer Natalie Chaidez told Entertainment Weekly that “Cole’s story is definitely not done” and we can expect his return “shortly” in the coming weeks to be “unexpected and surprising.” Considering this is a show about time travel, and Aaron Stanford’s Cole is pretty much the star, we kind of figured he wouldn’t be gone for too long.

Though Cole will be coming back, Chaidez said the story arc was a nice way to explore exactly how far everyone involved is willing to go to ensure the mission is accomplished, and Cole’s death-filled future never comes to pass:

“That episode speaks to the larger question of the series, which is, ‘How far would you go to do the larger good?’ What would you sacrifice? Would you sacrifice a person you love? Would you let them go to your death to save six billion people? The weight of that choice will weigh very heavily on Cassie over the back half of the season. It was a choice she had to make. It was a choice Cole was okay with. It was a heroic choice. It was a brave choice. Was it the right choice? The implications of that and what that decision does to Cassie is a pivotal moment for her character on the show.”

On the character-focused side of things, fellow executive producer Terry Matalas talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the strange relationship that’s developing between Cole and Cassie. Cole came back from his busted alt-future (where his mission never happened) as a changed man, and is now trying to enjoy the little things before he’s either a) killed stopping the virus, or b) killed by the physical stress of time travel. One of the best things in his messed-up life? Cassie.

"Cole just faced a time period where he died and lost Cassandra. Jones has just told him that time travel will eventually kill him whether or not he succeeds or not. He's going to die. Cole going to one of these parties again, seeing Cassandra looking beautiful and hearing music … It's him taking a breath and saying, 'Let me enjoy this for a minute and get to know you. It's his first sort of step toward away from a post apocalyptic savage and toward being one of us."

There is clearly an attraction. Cole came into her life, kidnapped her, told her about the coming apocalypse, no one believed her, she had no one to connect with but him, and she is kind of charmed by him. He is a bad boy who killed Henri. She does recognize that he is a hurt puppy and doesn't want to be what he is."

It’s been interesting to see how these characters interact, and it has a similar vibe to Sleepy Hollow in regard to the man-out-of-time aspect (albeit future instead of past, but still). 

What’s your take on the first season? How do you think they’ll bring Cole back?

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