12 Monkeys picked up for fourth and final season, Season 3 to have binge release

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Apr 27, 2017, 11:25 AM EDT (Updated)

The acclaimed sci-fi drama 12 Monkeys has been renewed at Syfy for a fourth and final season, and the network has announced a very interesting release strategy for Season 3.

The 10-episode third season is set to debut in its entirety over three nights, running from Friday, May 19, to Sunday, May 21. The network will drop the first four episodes on Friday, with three new episodes airing each subsequent night. The network is calling it its first ever “full season linear binge.” Which, yeah, pretty much sums it up. In addition to the Season 3 date, the network has also confirmed the show will be back for a fourth and final season. No word on when that might debut, or how many episodes it will consist of at this point.

“UCP and Syfy have given us the opportunity to tell an ambitious, emotional story with a beginning, middle and an end – if not always in that order,” showrunner Terry Matalas said of the renewal. “I couldn't be more grateful for their faith and support. Like our fans who may want to turn their clocks ahead to see what we've got in store, I only wish I could turn mine back to relive this incredible experience over again.”

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment President Chris McCumber said they felt the unorthodox release schedule made sense for a show as twisty and serialized as 12 Monkeys, adding that the network pulled the trigger on Season 4 after getting a look at the “creative strength” of Season 3. Which certainly sounds like a good indication they'll be able to pay off that massive cliffhanger from Season 2.

Over the course of its second season, 12 Monkeys evolved into one of the smartest shows on television, with the stakes only getting higher (and more personal) as the story unravels. For fans, it’s great to know Matalas and the creative team will have the lead time and space to actually wrap this story up in a satisfying way. No pressure, guys.

While we wait for Season 3 to drop, check out some set pics from Matalas below (which definitely reveal at least two eras we’ll see this season) and let us know what you think: