12 Monkeys producer on the 'fate' Cole and Ramse will find back in 1987

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Mar 27, 2015, 11:07 AM EDT (Updated)

Over the course of its first season, 12 Monkeys has grown into one of the best sci-fi shows you’re probably not watching. So what does the future hold following the latest, massive twist?

Spoilers ahead for Syfy’s 12 Monkeys!

Series co-creator Terry Matalas chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the buzzy Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed.) series, and dug into what will happen now that Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) has hijacked the splinter device and shot himself back to Tokyo circa 1987 in an effort to stop Cole (Aaron Stanford). Not surprisingly, Ramse will be doing everything he can to stop Cole in an effort to ensure his son’s existence. 

Also not surprisingly, Cole is ready to do whatever it takes to get Ramse out of the way so he can complete his mission in Tokyo. As we found out last week, this is probably the last jump before the splinter process kills Cole. If the stakes weren’t high enough already, that should do it. Matalas said Ramse is basically a wild card now that he’s thrown himself into the time stream:

"[Ramse’s] first step is to stop Cole from doing anything in 1987. We know in 1987 that Cole is very close to destroying what he believes is the origin of the virus. Ramse, who is a little unhinged and on emotional overdrive, is going to try and stop Cole. Also, there’s a bit of vengeance. He knows Cole gave up he and Elena’s location because that was a place where he and Cole once stayed before. He blames Elena’s death on Cole as well, and sees Cole as the ultimate threat to his son. He’s going to do whatever he can. I don’t think he’s really going in with a blue print as to what to do other than track Cole and stop him."

Matalas also touched on the elephant in the room surrounding that Tokyo trip — exactly how the series will continue (season two is already a go!) now that Cole has seemingly used his final trip. Materials confirmed this is it for Cole under the current deal, but that doesn’t mean fate can’t take things into its own hands (intriguing …) to prolong his journey:

“There are [no measures Cole can take]. If there is more time-jumping in Cole’s future, it’s left up to fate, as you’ll see. Forces stronger than he will have to intervene.”

12 Monkeys airs Friday nights on Syfy. What do you think Cole will find in Tokyo?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)