12 Monkeys producers on what's next after that game-changing twist

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Feb 16, 2015, 2:05 PM EST (Updated)

We’ve been wondering how 12 Monkeys would pay off all the time-travel twists, and the latest episode dropped a bombshell. So what’s next?

Spoilers ahead for 12 Monkeys!

The latest episode of the Syfy (Disclaimer: Also corporate owner of Blastr - Ed.) series paid off on the story arc to track down the Night Room laboratory where the virus was developed, and along with finding it we also got a look at the origin — the Precursor, a “centuries-old” skeleton that apparently housed the infection that would take down humanity. Cole succeeded in destroying it, but he didn’t blink out of existence — meaning that wasn’t enough to avert the future.

But that’s not all: After Cole splintered out of the past and back to the future, he returned to a world very different from the one he left. The lab with the time machine was old and abandoned, but even worse, the base is seemingly inhabited by the dangerous West 7 gang that most recently staged an attack on the team.

Executive producers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the big reveal, confirming that Cole’s action have definitely affected the time stream. Plus, since we’re talking about a time-travel show, we’d think the “centuries-old” bit about the Precursor is likely a setup for another twist down the line. Does the mission to stop the virus actually result in it happening in the first place?

Here’s what Matalas had to say about their take on time travel, and how Cole has changed things:

"We are not talking about multiple universes. We are talking about one singular timeline. Jones, in [episode] six, explains the difference between loops, or what’s called a jinn, and that’s basically the Sarah Connor. … How Reese had to come back in time to pregnate Sarah Connor so that she can give birth to John Connor who will send his father back in time. It’s one of the infinite loops. That’s called a jinn. When there are more traumatic changes to the timeline, then you can break the change and that’s what happens in episode six."

Looking further down the line, the producers also talked about where they’ll be taking things for the remainder of the 12-episode order. For one thing, expect science leader Katrina Jones (Barbara Sukowa) to become a bigger part of the puzzle moving forward. They also plan to drop some major reveals about the 12 Monkeys themselves, and their plan to eventually release the virus:

Fickett: “It’s definitely building up to something. Jones becomes from here on out a more prominent character with more screen time. That is something we wanted to see, her among the other characters, but also her backstory is really important to the mythology of the show and that is the first hint of it. When Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) goes into her room and opens up that chest you see the baby blanket with the name Hannah on it. Suddenly we know there is a whole lot more to this woman and maybe she has deeply personal reasons for changing time as well.”    

Matalas: “There is a lot going on with the Army of the 12 Monkeys and by episode eleven you’ll learn a lot more about them. Enough to make your brain explode. Releasing the virus could be one of their intended goals, but the end result may not be what you expect it to be. With time travel you’re playing the long game and if you’re dealing with the fate of the entire planet, destruction can be creative in the long run.”

12 Monkeys airs Friday nights on Syfy. What do you think of the season so far?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)