12 Monkeys showrunner on what's next for Cole and Ramse after that shocking finale

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Apr 13, 2015, 2:42 PM EDT (Updated)

The first season of 12 Monkeys came to a shocking end this past week, and the showrunner at the helm of season two is talking about it.

Spoilers ahead for the first season of 12 Monkeys!

Looking back at the pilot, it’s amazing how far this series has come in just 13 episodes. The mythology, which was a big question mark in the early weeks, has become one of the strongest parts of the Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr - Ed.) series. The concept got a kickstart in the home stretch when Cole’s (Aaron Stanford) lifelong friend Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) went back in time in an effort to ensure the plague happens as planned, so he could save his future-son, who would not exist if the plague were averted.

It was a fascinating twist, and it took one of the central friendships at the heart of the series and turned it on its head. We finally got the epic faceoff between the two, decades in the making, in the season finale. Despite the bad blood and previous attempts to kill one another, it was easy to see these guys are still brothers. New showrunner Terry Matalas told The Hollywood Reporter they’ll be exploring the aftermath of that betrayal in season two, as the duo have to determine where they stand after all that has happened:

“He's still his brother. Ultimately everything that has transpired between these guys doesn't undo the bond they have and share. Even the Striking Woman's last line in the finale is, 'There is nothing more powerful than fate,' and Cole proves there is something more powerful than fate and that's love. He goes back to save his brother.

We're going to lean a lot more into the relationships. Season one was more about setting the dynamics between Cole and Ramse, Cole and Cassie, Jones and Ramse, Jones and Cole, Jennifer and Cole. We're going to spend a lot more exploring those relationships and delving a lot deeper. We plan on taking a breath or two next season to sit with our characters more and let them talk."

The creative team also promised season two would bring more definitive answers. Season one answered several questions, though there are still a few biggies (i.e. Cassie’s vision of a red forest, and the identity of the Witness) left in the wind. According to Matalas, answers are coming next season.

As for a sneak peek at year two? A new featurette has been released including a few interviews with the cast and crew to tease what’s to come. Check it out below and let us know what you think:

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