12 rare behind-the-scenes pics from the original Total Recall

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Dec 17, 2012

Okay, so the original Total Recall wasn't perfect. But it did have a certain bug-eyed, multi-boobed, Red Planet raunch. To remind you of its raw charms, check out some vintage set stills and see Kuato live ... on a laundry line.

These behind-the-scenes vault images come from the blog of director, concept artist and VFX supervisor Gavin Rothery. Rothery was the conceptual designer and special effects brain behind 2009's Moon and is currently developing the sci-fi feature Archive.

Relive the mania in Mexico City, where a good portion of the 1990 movie was made ... and don't forget your breathing mask. Mexico's capital was never known for its minty-fresh air. From the looks of it, Verhoeven's cast and crew had a grueling but fun time filming. And who can resist a sloppy Mars Burger with Arnie after the day is done? (Just please don't tell us what's in it.)

The new Total Recall comes out Aug. 3. Think it'll be anywhere near as wild a ride?

(via Giant Freakin Robot)

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