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12 sci-fi and fantasy romances to read in May

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May 27, 2020, 8:52 PM EDT (Updated)

It's that time again: time for your FANGRRLS guides (that's us) to give a nod to the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal, steampunk, and any other related genre romances that are coming out this month (in chronological order of release date), as well as the books that have been keeping our personal attention lately. 

We've rounded up 12 picks that sci-fi and fantasy romance readers should be adding to their bookshelves (e- or otherwise). Let us know what you're planning on reading in the comments below!

As we head further into the year, we're still looking for any SFF romance releases to spotlight each month—so if you're a writer with a book coming out, let us know! You can also chat us up anytime on Twitter, either individually or via SYFY FANGRRLS, using the hashtag #FangrrlsRomance. And don't forget to check out last month's releases in case you might have missed it. Happy reading!

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Top stories

Wolf Undaunted (Shannon Curtis) - now available

The newest book in the Shadow Breeds series, Wolf Undaunted packs a fascinating premise: what happens when a lycan and a vampire are spiritually tied to one another, and how does that relationship change once those ties evolve to the physical realm? Icy vampire Vivianne and snarky shifter Zane are a perfect mismatch, and their tension (both sexual and otherwise) will keep readers engrossed in Curtis' latest.


Cats and Dogs - May Sage (now available)

We're suckers for a good shifter romance, and Sage's Age of Night series promises to deliver on everything we enjoy. The latest book, Cats and Dogs, involves a romance between Christine, a feline shifter and member of the Wyvern Pride, and Hunter, an ex-enforcer for the Vergas Pack. The story already hints at the fact that though Christine is a submissive, she's no pushover, and her burgeoning relationship with Hunter brings their two groups to their final stand.


Cinnamon Blade: Knife in Shining Armor (Shira Glassman) - May 7

If "super-hot F/F romance starring a bi Jewish superheroine" isn't enough to strike your fancy, we don't know what is. Cinnamon Blade is a crime fighter seeking redemption, but she's also just trying to have a normal romantic life with nerd girl Soledad. (Easier said than done when your city is plagued by aliens and vampires 24/7.)


Blood Mate (Mina Carter) - May 8

New York Times best-selling author Mina Carter describes this one as containing "a cocky wolf who won’t take no for an answer, an ice-queen losing her cool and a pack full of hunky werewolves bent on rescue. With added zombie spidermen." With a synopsis that good, how do you say no to this book? Blood Mate promises a no holds barred paranormal delight, with vampires, werewolves, evil scientists and red hot passion. 


Harvest Song (Yasmine Galenorn) - May 15

The Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon series is coming to a close, but the penultimate novel isn't slowing things down—at least in terms of what's going on with the half-human, half-Fae D'Artigo sisters. They're all happily married now, ready to settle down with the respective loves of their lives—but on the day of one sister's wedding, it seems that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.


Game of Lies (Pippa DaCosta) - May 18

The second book in DaCosta's Messenger Chronicles series follows the heroine from the first installment (or maybe she's more of an antiheroine?) Kesh Lasota, taking place in a world where magic and science co-exist and often to mindblowing degree. Not only does Kesh have a ruthless fae general to contend with, but she's also trying to navigate the complicated relationship she's forging with both Space Marshall Kellee and the mysterious Talen. The best part: she may not have to choose between them.


On Highland Time (Lexi Post) - May 28

Highlander romance with a time travel twist, and perfect for fans of Outlander! When experienced Time Weaver agent Diana Montgomery travels back to 1306 Scotland in order to ensure that a clan chief dies in battle the way he's intended to, she doesn't anticipate that her feelings for the laird will hinder her ability to set history on its rightful course. 


Worlds Apart (Tracy St. John) - May 28

War veteran Anneliese has only just managed to escape her alien captors and re-establish a life for herself on Earth when she's pulled back in by Risnar warrior and scientist Nex, who shows up to warn her that the threats of her past are rearing their ugly heads. This time around, though, Anneliese isn't going to sit on the sidelines; she's going to get in on the action.


Wolf of Her Own (N.J. Walters) - May 28

The ninth book in Walters' Salvation Pack series focuses in on a refreshing love story between two older shifter characters: single mom Elise and outsider nomad Mikhail. Elise is recovering from years in an abusive relationship with her former mate, and Mikhail is transfixed by the woman he only knows from a distance as the mother of the pack's alpha. But what will the rest of the pack think of this blossoming romance?


Shadow Keeper (Christine Feehan) - May 29

One of Feehan's newest series, the Shadow books revolve around a Chicago crime family with a dark, mystical secret—and the latest installment shines the spotlight on resident black sheep Giovanni Ferraro and his entanglement with nightclub employee Sasha Provis. Those of you who like your romances with a bonafide bad boy will devour Shadow Keeper.


Fade to Black (Heather Graham) - May 29

Over the course of a staggering 23 novels, best-selling romance author Heather Graham has told the stories of a secret government unit who deal with the paranormal crimes that nobody else understands or even knows about. Part urban fantasy, part crime fiction with a tinge of Southern gothic, there's something for everyone across the series. In the latest installment, the crew encounter a cult TV show that may be cursed.


Wild Hunger (Suzanne Wright) - May 29

If you're in the mood for some high-quality paranormal shifter action, you need to get in on this latest from Wright's Phoenix Pack series. Half-shifter Frankie realizes that she's been living outside the pack she never even knew existed thanks to intervention from her human side of the family, but pack enforcer Trick knows that the unsteady newcomer belongs to him—even if she doesn't know it yet.


Carly's Miscellaneous Recs

Truthfully, I've been reading all over the romance spectrum over the last month: historical, contemporary and a dabble of sci-fi. In terms of more evergreen recs, one of the books that was all over my social media feeds (and later, my Kindle) was Holley Trent's The Viking Queen's Men, about the triad relationship between Tessa, a descendant of Viking royalty, and the two men to whom she's fated to be mated. It kept me up until all hours grinning and it's the first in a new series I definitely need to check out! I've also got Deborah A. Bailey's Outcast, about a telekinetic Guardian and the wealthy man she's tasked with protecting, capturing my attention these days—as well as a slightly more old school historical romance in Amanda Quick's Beauty-and-the-Beast retelling, Ravished.

Better Off Red

Kayleigh's Miscellaneous Recs

Summer is on its way so it's only fair that I recommend to you my favorite romance novel ever. Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner is a Regency-era historical centered on the petty battle surrounding a local election. Only certain men in Lively St. Lemeston can vote for their Member of Parliament, and with the race so close, every vote counts. Phoebe Sparks, a widow, has a vote but cannot actually use it. A future husband can. Cue the two political parties trying to set her up with the candidate of their choice. Lerner has endless charm in her prose, and this is also the beautiful story where an injured war veteran gifts his plus-size love interest with a ham. Like a true gentleman! Heidi Belleau's The Burnt Toast B&B has a terrible cover, but is a highly recommended contemporary M/M romance featuring a trans protagonist, and deals with topics of toxic masculinity and sexy lumberjacks. After much delay, I finally picked up Better Off Red, the first book in the Vampire Sorority Sisters series by the wonderful Rebekah Weatherspoon — a giddily fluffy read with a surprisingly intense dive into the supernatural world of sisterhood, demons and sexual liberation. 

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