12 sci-fi roles that could be Wesley Snipes 'Iron Man moment'

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:27 AM EDT (Updated)

Coming off a stint in prison after getting into hot water with the IRS, former movie star Wesley Snipes is desperate to regain that former glory. So who is his role model these days? Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr., of course.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the former Blade star opened up about his battle to regain relevancy, which began this month with a role in the insane action franchise The Expendables 3. Despite being in his early 50s, Snipes is still obviously in great shape. Hey, Downey is still rocking it as Tony Stark at the age of 49, so why not?

As far as inspiration, Downey is a good place to start. He faced his own mountain of challenges before storming back into the spotlight as the headliner of Marvel’s unstoppable blockbuster machine, and if anyone can follow him on that climb back up, you’d think it’s Snipes.

Here’s what he had to say about his would-be career revival:

“[Downey, Jr. is] an inspiration not just to me but to others, that you can go through hell and high water, and you can have ups and downs, but there’s always a brighter day. This too shall pass. And if you keep your skills together, you open and you create opportunities for yourself.”

So we thought we’d do our part to try and help Snipes out. We’ve pulled together a dozen potential dream roles that could be his Iron Man moment, with the right take. Best of luck — and at least we’ll always have Blade.