12 Star Wars pin-up girls will turn you to the Dark (or Light) Side

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Dec 16, 2012

Soldiers in World War II popularized the pin-up girl every time they placed a photo of a sexy, short-skirted woman in their lockers and on the noses of their airplanes. They're not as prevalent as they used to be, but if photographer and Star Wars fan Joseph DeMarco has his way, the pin-up girl will strike back.

DeMarco gathered a group of scantily dressed women and photographed them for his 2012 calendar. Oh, did we say "scantily dressed"? We mean dressed as naughtier versions of Star Wars characters, like a stormtrooper and a Rebel pilot.

Although DeMarco isn't the only person to create a Star Wars pin-up girl calendar, he is the first (as far as we know) to use photography, rather than pen and ink. We have some of the images, as well as others from his Facebook page, below.

If you like what you see, you can show DeMarco and his models love by purchasing his calendar on Etsy for $25.

"Quantities are limited," DeMarco says on his Etsy page. "Get them now before you-know-who slaps a Cease and Desist on me!"

(via GeeksAreSexy)