12 super-powerful strains of comic-book-themed cannabis

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Dave Maass
Dec 14, 2012

From Captain America going to war against drugs to the coining of the term "snootchie bootchies," comic-book culture has faced an internal struggle over the issue of marijuana. We're not going to delve into that heaviness, not on April 20.

Better known as 4/20, it is the annual day of celebration and inhalation for the marijuana counterculture, and we're not out to kill anyone's buzz—especially if that buzz has anything to do smoking "Spiderman Kush" or "Green Lantern." It turns out marijuana growers, in addition to being Star Wars fans, are also comic-book connoisseurs.

Here are 12 cannabis varieties (available only to those who are card-carrying medical marijuana patients, of course) that seem about as powerful as the superheroes, supervillains and one super-substance they're named after.


Astro Boy


A strain from TGA Subcool Seeds

Those laser fingers come in handy after someone's pocketed your lighter.


Batman OG


Image from San Diego Green Care Collective.

Pack some Visine in your tool belt, because the mask just doesn't quite cover the redeye.




Image by Batgirl's original grower, Subcool

Batgirl is the alter ego of the unfortunately named strain "Jack's Cleaner Blueberry." It's a plant with fronds like batwings and a no doubt powerful kick.


Green Goblin


Many dispensaries are changing the name of the "Green Crack" strain to "Green Goblin" to tone it down. Really, is a psychotic troll-genius on a hoverboard chucking pumpkin-grenades that much more comforting?


Green Lantern


Pictured here with Douglas Paul Stanford, founder of the Hemp & Cannabis Foundation. Now THAT's what we call a Guardian of the Universe.


Incredible Hulk


Photo by Merkada

HULK smashed.


Kryptonite OG


In concentrated "budder" form, Kryptonite will rob you of your power to put sentences together.


Redhaired Sonja


Grown in Denmark, by Paddi.

Your bong has to defeat it in fair combat before you can smoke it.


Spiderman Kush


Image from mjbud.com.

Guaranteed to produce an evening of stupid "Mary Jane" jokes.




Image from John Doe Radio

If you're looking for the "World's Greatest Heroin," you'll be disappointed. It's just weed.


Superman OG


Image from Monte Accommodated Medication.

Here's how you melt the Man of Steel.


Wonder Woman


Good news: You can ride an invisible plane into the taco shop drive-thru.