13 Ahsoka Tano Episodes to Watch Before the Star Wars: Rebels Season Finale

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Mar 25, 2016, 6:40 PM EDT

Ever since Anakin Skywalker’s previously unknown padawan Ahsoka Tano made her debut in the 2008 film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, many fans have grown to love the character. Some might not have been sure about the padawan calling the man who would become Darth Vader “Sky Guy” at first, but as the years passed we had the chance to watch Ahsoka grow into a fascinating character on The Clone Wars TV series and become someone whose fate we wanted to know when it was left up in the air. It’s why there was so much excitement around her appearance in the Star Wars Rebels Season 1 finale last year!

Now, however, there’s a sense of apprehension in the air because a video released ahead of the Rebels Season 2 finale on March 30 reveals that Ahsoka is finally going to come face to face with her old master. Dare I say it, but I have a bad feeling about this! It’s a highly anticipated meeting with the potential to mark the end of Ahsoka’s journey. So before her fate is possibly revealed, I wanted to look back at some of her best appearances in episodes of The Clone Wars and Rebels to re-experience some of her greatest moments. While hard to choose, here are my picks for the best episodes featuring Ahsoka that all of her fans should watch before the Rebels finale!


“Cloak of Darkness” (The Clone Wars, Season 1)

In this episode we see Ahsoka paired with Jedi Master Luminara Unduli as the two Jedi are charged with escorting a captured Nute Gunray to Coruscant. To avoid Gunray revealing any of the Separatist’s secrets, Count Dooku sends Asajj Ventress after him which leads to an epic battle between the three women. Ahsoka plays a critical role here due to her past experience with Ventress. Unduli ignores her warnings about the assassin and it almost costs the Jedi her life until Ahsoka disobeys orders—unfortunately at the urging of a traitor—and intervenes during their battle.

I love seeing Ahsoka work together with Unduli here and dealing with the struggle of what to do if the right thing means disobeying orders. Plus it’s always fun to see her once again face Ventress!


“Storm Over Ryloth” (The Clone Wars, Season 1)

Unlike “Cloak of Darkness,” when Ahsoka disobeys orders in this episode the result doesn’t have the silver lining of saving a Jedi Master’s life. When the episode starts we find Ahsoka about to command a clone fighter squadron for the first time. Tasked with breaking the blockade over Ryloth, she tries her best but falls into a trap. Anakin and Admiral Yularen order her to fall back, but she insists they can still do it. As the situation deteriorates, Ahsoka is forced to obey and retreat. Her actions however result in the loss of much of her squadron. It hits her hard and is not something she is able to overcome easily, making this an intriguing look at Ahsoka learning to deal with the responsibilities of command.

In the end, Ahsoka is put in charge once again and finds the confidence she needs to pull off a daring tactic that succeeds in breaking the blockade. The episode shows Ahsoka continuing to grow and learn as a Jedi while also providing another look at the relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka as they work through what happened.


“Brain Invaders” (The Clone Wars, Season 2)

Ahsoka and fellow padawan Barriss Offee are in charge of taking much needed supplies to Dantooine, but things don’t go as planned when Geonosian brain worms take over the crew! We get to see Ahsoka deal with extra responsibilities and facing a crisis without Anakin nearby in this episode where she has to work with Barriss to decide what to do. Once Barris is also taken over by a brain worm it’s all up to Ahsoka and even though Anakin ultimately finds the solution for her, she needs to follow through and hold off Barriss to succeed!

Not only is it fun to see Ahsoka in action on her own like this, but here we also see her grapple with an important question. Towards the end Barriss asks Ahsoka to kill her, which Ahsoka doesn’t do. Her actions instead save everyone. However she tells Anakin she wonders if she should have done it because if things didn’t work out the worms would have spread. Anakin assures Ahsoka she did the right thing, but it’s interesting to see her deal with the difficult question as she continues to learn to trust herself and her choices.


“Lightsaber Lost” (The Clone Wars, Season 2)

While out on a mission with Anakin a pickpocket steals Ahsoka’s lightsaber, starting her on a desperate journey to retrieve it. Here we see Ahsoka unwilling to tell her master and trying to take matters into her own hands. Turning to Jedi Master Jocasta Nu for help though results in meeting the elder Jedi Master Tera Sinube, who tags along to help Ahsoka and ends up teaching her a valuable lesson about slowing down along the way.

The episode puts Ahsoka’s growing skills to the test while showing there are still things she needs to learn as a Jedi. Seeing her start to share her story with the younglings at the end also does a good job of showing she’s starting to gain enough experience to move into a more experienced role as someone who can pass on what she’s been learning.


“Assassin” (The Clone Wars, Season 3)

In “Assasin,” Ahsoka remains behind on Coruscant while Anakin is sent away on a mission. While she tries to focus on studying, she is plagued with visions of Senator Padmé Amidala in danger. Eventually she realizes the visions are of thought-dead bounty hunter Aurra Sing. Ahsoka accompanies Padmé off the planet to keep her safe, but starts to doubt herself. This leads to some great moments between the two women, where Padmé continues to have faith in the padawan and assure her she’ll learn to trust in herself. Ahsoka’s struggles show us how despite her growing abilities she’s still not quite confident in herself yet. Even after a mistake though, Ahsoka still believes something will happen and she’s right. She faces off against Sing and eventually succeeds in helping protect Padmé.


“Altar of Mortis” (The Clone Wars, Season 3)

When it comes to interesting Ahsoka moments, I especially think the second installment of the Mortis arc is worth a re-watch. In “Altar of Mortis,” the Son kidnaps Ahsoka when Anakin refuses to join him. While captured Ahsoka is bitten by the Son, putting her under the dark side’s influence. This brings forth some darker thoughts from Ahsoka when Anakin finally finds her, offering a great look at their relationship. I love how the episode shows Anakin’s attachment to her in his desperation to save her and how Ahsoka accuses him of not trusting or believing in her. Sure it’s the dark side’s corruption making her say these things but it makes you think of Ahsoka and her relationship with her master in a different way and was a new side to Ahsoka that was very interesting to see!


“Wookiee Hunt” (The Clone Wars, Season 3)

This episode continues from the previous one “Padawan Lost” where Ahsoka was captured and hunted by Trandoshans. She met other young Jedi who were kidnapped and inspired them to fight back, resulting in one of their deaths. “Wookiee Hunt” picks up from there as Ahsoka continues to try and find a way to freedom and inspire the younglings despite their loss. Ahsoka really shines in how she deals with the situation in this episode. Sure Chewbacca comes along and helps somewhat, but it’s Ahsoka’s actions that inspire the younglings to come up with their own plan which she supports even if she doesn’t completely agree with it at first.

It shows how much she’s advanced as a leader, trusting not only her own sense of what is right but trusting in those she’s leading as well. Ahsoka sums it up best when she speaks to Anakin at the end and tells him it was his training and lessons that helped her survive when she was alone and helped her lead others to survive as well. This episode marks a major moment of evolution for Ahsoka.


“A Friend in Need” (The Clone Wars, Season 4)

Ahsoka attends a peace conference being held between the Republic and the Separatists on Mandalore, but things fall apart after an interruption by Lux Bonteri where he announces Count Dooku was involved in the murder of his mother, who was a Separatist senator. Ahsoka saves him when droids remove him from the room and learns he wants Dooku dead as revenge for his mother’s death. After knocking Ahsoka out, he takes them to Death Watch.  She is vehemently against working with the group, knowing what they’re truly like, but Lux doesn’t listen and Ahsoka ends up captured when she can’t stand by during a Death Watch attack and reveals herself as a Jedi.

In this episode we see an Ahsoka who’s confident in her abilities and in what she believes in. She never wavers in her beliefs about Death Watch and is more than a match for the group at the end, even holding her own against Pre Vizsla!


Tipping Points” (The Clone Wars, Season 5)

Ahsoka has a few good moments in the Onderon arc, but the final part is the one to watch in my opinion as we see how her time advising the rebels against their Separatist king impacts her when everything’s done. At first things don’t look too good for the rebels and Ahsoka asks Obi-Wan and Anakin to have the Republic send help, but the Republic won’t intervene. So instead they get the pirate Hondo to deliver weapons to the rebels as a third party. Ahsoka struggles to protect the rebels as the war grows more intense, but even she can’t save everyone.

It’s an episode where we see Ahsoka wanting to make a difference and trying as best she can on her own within the limits placed on her. Even though they succeed in the end, the loss of Steela makes Ahsoka look back on everything differently as she thinks about the lives impacted by the war. It’s great to see Ahsoka not only stand on her own in this mission, but also reflect on the whole experience. It makes her start to think about the war’s cost in a way she may not have thought of before even if in the final scene Lux insists she was right and that the Republic is the side to fight on.


“A Necessary Bond” (The Clone Wars, Season 5)

The conclusion to the youngling arc sees Ahsoka once again on her own and in a leadership role as the younglings rescue her from Hondo. They all too quickly fall into the hands of Hondo’s pirates again, but when they discover a droid army has arrived with General Grievous Ahsoka convinces them to form an alliance. They rescue Hondo and start their escape, which eventually leads to Ahsoka facing Grievous to protect the younglings. It’s an episode where we see Ahsoka’s come a long way over the course of the seasons, now in charge and sure of herself, a Jedi that the younglings can look up to and learn from.


“The Wrong Jedi” (Season 5)

The entire final arc of Season 5 focusing on Ahsoka from “Sabotage,” to “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much,” to “To Catch a Jedi,” is worth watching, but if you only have time for one it has to be the season’s finale. The episode topped my best episodes of The Clone Wars list and includes perhaps the most powerful moment we’ve seen so far featuring Ahsoka. It all begins with Ahsoka in custody after being on the run to try to prove her innocence. She’s expelled from the Jedi Order and must face a Republic trial for judgment. The episode puts Ahsoka through the emotional wringer as she’s accused of crimes she did not commit and the Order she’s been a part of all her life seemingly abandons her. When Barriss Offee is caught and Ahsoka offered her place in the Order again, she refuses leading to an emotional conversation between her and Anakin.

Ahsoka is fantastic throughout the episode, but that final scene between her and Anakin is just amazing. Her world has been so shaken that after everything she’s been through she can’t just go back to being a Jedi. It shows how deep their relationship has become as well when they talk, especially when Anakin admits he understands wanting to leave the Order and Ahsoka says she knows. You can understand why her character needs to figure things out on her own, but it doesn’t stop you from tearing up!


“The Siege of Lothal” (Rebels, Season 2)

After being revealed as the mysterious Fulcrum in the Season 1 finale, Ahsoka continues her Rebels appearance in the Season 2 premiere. She’s not the focus of the episode by any means, but her appearances bookend it nicely. In the beginning she just agrees that they should help Minister Maketh Tua. At the end however she joins the Ghost crew as they take on a lone TIE fighter attacking their fleet. It’s here that we get to see Ahsoka back in action using the Force as she reaches out with Kanan’s help to find out who the talented pilot is and we get a great moment where she and Darth Vader sense each other. Ahsoka as a result passes out while Vader realizes his former apprentice is alive. It’s interesting to see how Ahsoka processes her encounter with Vader afterwards and exciting that this brings them one step closer to meeting again.


“Shroud of Darkness” (Rebels, Season 2)

In order to figure out what to do about the Inquisitors, Kanan and Ezra turn to Ahsoka in this episode that includes a number of fantastic moments you should see before the Rebels finale. When Ahsoka first appears Ezra finds her watching a holo of Anakin and tells Ezra about him. The conversation reveals she did see him after she left the Jedi Order when she says she saw him right before he was rushing off to save the kidnapped Chancellor, which is where Revenge of the Sith kicked off. The three Jedi head to the Lothal Jedi Temple to try and contact Yoda, and it’s here we see another essential Ahsoka moment. While meditating, Ahsoka hears the voice of her former master who asks why she left and where she was when he needed her, calling her selfish. When he asks if she knows what he’s become and his image turns into that of Darth Vader it’s chilling to hear Ahsoka’s anguished scream.

I love how this episode teases what Ahsoka has been up to since we last saw her and that she did interact with her former master since leaving the Jedi. It also shows how difficult it is for Ahsoka to deal with the guilt of leaving Anakin and the Jedi, and accepting what Anakin became in her absence. Even the moment where Ahsoka and Yoda see each other at the end is wonderfully nostalgic. It all hinted that Ahsoka’s journey was almost coming full circle, and she was closer than ever to having to face Vader. Whether that’s good or bad, we’ll find out in the Rebels finale on Wednesday!

What is your favorite episode or moment featuring Ahsoka? Tell us in the comments!