13 horror characters that deserve a spin-off

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Oct 14, 2016, 3:45 PM EDT

There are an innumerable amount of horror sequels, most of which feature an almost entirely different cast. Typically anyone who does survive the previous entry is killed off at the very beginning of any follow-up effort, or his or her story is subsequently ignored. This is a sore spot for many horror fans, as we come to love the characters in our favorite films and naturally want to see more of them. 

The following are 13 characters from genre film that we think could sustain a spinoff effort. 

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Evil Ed from Fright Night

Evil Ed is easily the most interesting character in Tom Holland’s Fright Night. And while Stephen Geoffreys was reportedly attached to appear as Ed in the sequel, that did not pan out. I would have loved to see a spin-off where Ed takes point as the lead vampire hunter and takes down a nest of bloodsuckers with a rag tag team of followers. That ship has probably sailed but we can always imagine what it might have been like. 


Danny Torrance from The Shining

I want to see more from Tony, the little boy that lives in Danny’s throat. If the adventures of Danny Torrance and Tony couldn’t sustain a spinoff, I simply do not know what could. I would watch this movie. Since Danny Lloyd (who played Danny) has long since left acting behind and the movie is over 30 years old, this is not likely to happen. This all said, Stephen King's novel, Doctor Sleep, features Danny thirty years later. Perhaps it will get a movie someday?


Marty from The Cabin in the Woods

If ever there were a show stealer, it would be Marty. Though he was part of an ensemble cast, he really shined in every scene in which he appeared. His coffee mug bong and his stoner antics made audiences fall in love with him. It would be great to see him in a spin-off film where he is once again tasked with fighting the forces of evil. 


Tallahassee from Zombieland

While Columbus might have technically been the star of Zombieland, Tallahassee was the one that really engaged fans and made the film interesting. His reckless abandon and winning sense of humor made him a fan favorite and an obvious choice for his own film. Amazon tried to take the film to series and even went so far as releasing a pilot but they made the mistake of recasting the leads. This is a role Woody Harrelson was born to play and asking someone else to take that on is a fool’s errand. 


The accountant from Drive Angry

Drive Angry wasn’t exactly a critical or commercial success but that’s not because it isn’t a fun film with interesting characters. Not the least of which is William Fichtner as The Accountant. His mechanical dedication to his job makes him a fascinating character and one that I would love to see explored more in an origin story where he could take center stage. Because Drive Angry made nothing at the box office, this is likely never going to happen but it sure would be great if it did.


Debbie from Bloody Birthday

Debbie is easily the most vicious of the killer children in Bloody Birthday and clearly emerges as the ringleader. She is also the only one of the three that manages to escape the consequences of her actions. The final scene in the film shows that she has no remorse for what she has done and is perfectly content to go on killing. A follow up that featured Debbie, as an adult, living under a new identity, would be a welcome sight to fans of the series. There’s nearly no chance that this would ever get off the ground but that doesn’t stop a fan from hoping. 


Grandpa from House II

Well, Royal Dano is dead, so this ship has definitely sailed, but a list of characters from genre film that could sustain a spin-off would seem incomplete without the inclusion of Gramps. He was an incredibly memorable character and was realistically much more interesting than any of the leads in House II


The Tall Man from Phantasm

To be clear, I’m not talking about another Phantasm sequel. I am actually suggesting a spin-off featuring just The Tall Man in an origin story. One of the most interesting things about the franchise is The Tall Man and his mysterious origins. This is briefly touched on in some of the sequels but never to a degree that comes close to satisfying the fan curiosity regarding where he came from and why he is who he is. Angus Scrimm may be too old to play a younger version of The Tall Man but in a perfect world, it would be brilliant to see him star. 


Anderson from Dredd

Anderson’s psychic abilities and tendency for compassion make her an interesting and complex character that is fully capable of sustaining her own film. Olivia Thirlby was great in the role and in a perfect world, she would return to star in a spin-off. Unfortunately, just getting Dredd 2 off the ground, let alone a spin-off effort, has proved a near impossible task. Since Dredd didn’t really take off until home video, studio interest in a follow up has been lukewarm at best. 


Ella from Dead Silence

In the big reveal at the end of Dead Silence we learn that Ella is not exactly who she claims to be. Ella could sustain an interesting origin story but a film that takes place after the events of Dead Silence with her in the lead role would also be enjoyable to see. We learned very little about her in Dead Silence and I was left curious to see more. 


Tory Reding from Leprechaun

I have included Tory on here for one reason. Her character arc in Leprechaun is almost nonexistent. She learns basically nothing about herself during the film and is almost as stuck up and selfish at the end as she was at the beginning. As such, I am curious as to exactly what makes her tick and have always been interested to learn more. This ship has already sailed and returned to the harbor, as Jennifer Anniston is now a major star. So, there is nearly no chance she would ever go back to her roots and revisit Tory. But it would, nonetheless, be interesting if she did. 


Stevie Wayne from The Fog

I love Stevie Wayne so much. Her unconditional devotion to only talking in her sexy voice when she is on the radio has been the source of much enjoyment to me over the years. I loved her in The Fog and I love Adrienne Barbeau. We’re probably never going to see Barbeau reprise the role at this point but if she did, it would be great to see Stevie Wayne tackling another major disaster. 


Randy from Scream and Scream 2

This one would be tricky in terms of timeframe because he is killed in the second movie but throwing logic aside, I would love nothing more than to see Randy star in his own adventure. He is such a resourceful character and he’s a wealth of knowledge. Jamie Kennedy brought him to life in one of his most memorable performances to date. Perhaps a spin-off starring Randy could be set in the time between the first and second films? Stranger things have certainly happened.