13 horror characters we're glad are dead

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Oct 16, 2016, 9:00 PM EDT

Horror films are not really known for having a well-developed, fleshed-out cast of characters that everyone falls in love with at first sight. There are exceptions to that rule, like the cast of the original Nightmare on Elm Street and April Fool’s Day. But the characters outlined below are anything but likable. 

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Franklin from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I do not think there has ever been a more obnoxious character in a slasher film than Franklin in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Franklin complains about everything and spends nearly all of his screen time feeling sorry for himself. Paul A. Partain, who played Franklin, was a method actor and apparently spent his time off screen complaining and making everyone around him miserable. What a fun shoot that must have been for everyone else. In watching the film, it’s hard not to squeal with delight when Leatherface dispenses with Franklin and gets him to shut up for once and for all.


Shelley from Friday the 13th Part III

Shelley is a well-meaning prankster that quickly outstays his welcome and is doomed to die a virgin. He never really fits into the group featured in Friday the 13th: Part III and when he ultimately meets his demise, the audience is glad to see him go. We do, however, have to extend a heartfelt thanks to him for providing Jason Voorhees with his iconic hockey mask. Without Shelley, Jason would probably still be wearing a bag over his head.


Paige from House of Wax

This is a pretty obvious inclusion. Paris Hilton, who everyone already loves to hate, plays Paige. And the socialite’s portrayal of the character is just as obnoxious as her public persona, possibly even more so. As such, moviegoers across America collectively cheered when Paige got a spear through the head in House of Wax. It’s by far the most iconic death scene in the film.


Titus from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Jack Black’s portrayal of Titus in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is obnoxious in ways that I cannot even put into words and he’s not even the biggest problem with the film. However, Titus’ death is a welcome sight and seeing him get killed by Ben Willis makes the film ever so slightly more tolerable. 


Mrs. Carmody from The Mist

It’s hard to recall a more detestable character from any horror film in recent years than Mrs. Carmody. She tries to use religion to start a cult that will allow her to be judge, jury, and executioner. She goes to work brainwashing the patrons of the grocery store where the core cast are trapped for most of the film. The sequence where she takes a bullet to the head is sweet poetic justice and a fitting demise for a character that was so utterly despicable.


Trey from Freddy vs. Jason

Trey is another great example of a self-centered creep that no one likes. He tells his girlfriend Gibb (played by Katharine Isabelle) not to touch him after sex and complains that he doesn’t like kissing her after she has been smoking. He is way more self assured than he has any right to be and thus, we were more than a little happy to see Jason impale him and then snap him in half for good measure. No one talks to the lovely Katharine Isabelle like that and gets away with it.


Heather from The Blair Witch Project

Heather Donahue is a sweet and engaging person in real life but the fictionalized version of herself that she plays in The Blair Witch Project was approximately grating. I wanted to kill her myself. Although her death in the film is more implied than it is actually acted out in all of the gory glory I would have liked to see, I was still satisfied to see her presumably meet her demise at the hands of the Blair Witch.


Micah from Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity was made from the spare change found in Oren Peli’s couch, but that’s still no reason for Micah Sloat to drive the audience seven different kinds of crazy with his ridiculous antics. Constantly trying to taunt the malevolent force haunting him and Katie Featherston with an ever-increasing variety of different ways to make it angry. As such, his demise at the end of the film was a welcome surprise. It’s just too bad that it didn’t happen sooner!


Jill from Jack Frost

Jill’s onscreen death in Jack Frost is wildly inappropriate, but we were nonetheless happy to see her killed off. The character had the depth of a paper plate. The sequence where she is killed off is one of the most outrageous and politically incorrect scenes from recent history. But in spite of all that, Jill is so obnoxious and brought to life with such a lack of skill that one cannot help but be happy to see her die. The trailer's above, but the scene of her death is here if you're interested (again, it's a bit risque).


Sasha in Urban Legend

This is another case of an actress that everyone loves to hate being dispensed of to the extreme delight of the audience. Urban Legend is not a particularly brilliant film but what it lacks in substance, it makes up for in style. Case in point, we get to see Tara Reid punished for her perceived crimes, not the least of which is giving out trite and overly precious sex advice on her campus radio program. My only complaint was that Sasha’s death left too much to the imagination. I would have liked to see her dealt with in gorier detail. 


Joey from Friday the 13th Part V

Joey’s death in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is the event that sets everything in motion. His father takes on the guise of Jason Voorhees to avenge his estranged son’s death. But even though Joey’s death incites the rage of his father, it did not incite the rage of this viewer. I was thrilled to see Joey killed off. He is one of the whiniest, most obnoxious characters from the entire Friday the 13th franchise. I seriously wanted him to choke on the candy bar he’s eating and seeing him take an axe to the back was quite satisfying.


Nora from Halloween: Resurrection

Tyra Banks plays Nora in the epically bad Halloween: Resurrection and let's put it this way - it isn't one of her finer performances. She plays an obnoxious and annoying reality show producer (are there reality show producers that aren't?). Her character's death was cut from the theatrical version, but it can now be viewed thanks to YouTube. Seeing Michael come up behind her and choke her to death is a morbid delight for those of us sick of America's Next Top Model

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