13-minute Edge of Tomorrow featurette reveals why Tom Cruise's character doesn't die [SPOILERS]

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May 29, 2014, 5:40 PM EDT (Updated)

Warner Bros. has released a 13-minute featurette, a conversation between stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt interspersed with footage from the upcoming movie. In it, we see more of this world than the trailers and scene snippets have shown us. We also get the real story behind Cruise's Groundhog Day-like returns to life.

WARNING: Here be spoilers.

Cruise's character, William Cage, may be a member of the military, but actually he just handles their PR. So he's far from combat-ready when he's forced to (power)suit up and kill some alien enemies. The panicked Cage manages to kill one of the aliens -- and absorbs its abilities.

Blunt's character, Rita Vrataski, helps him because she once had that time-looping ability. But it inexplicably disappeared. 

Did Cruise take Blunt's abilities away? How does humanity survive at all if our attackers have a special ability to loop time? How will Cage and Vrataski save the day, or all the days? 

Americans will have to wait until June 6 for the answers to our many questions (most Europeans, and others, will get the jump on us by one week). 

Check out the featurette.