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The 13 most insane deaths from the Saw movies

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Oct 6, 2016, 11:02 PM EDT

The Saw franchise is full of gory death sequences. It is one of the most violent and controversial film series ever to see wide release. It is also one of the most inventive. Over the course of seven films, we have seen the Jigsaw killer and his protégés dispense with victims in the most unusual ways. No idea is too extreme and no death too gory for the twisted minds behind the Saw series. 

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Saw: The Final Chapter (2/9) Movie CLIP - Kill Jill (2010) HD

Jill' Train Track Dream Sequence (Saw 3D)

This isn’t technically a proper death scene as it was a dream, but it is simply too insanely cool not to include. In her dream, Jill is strung up by her extremities and situated on a train track of some kind. The death sequence that follows is phenomenal; she essentially just explodes and her remaining limbs sort of go flying willy nilly, all over the place. I love this scene. It is perfectly representative of the utter excess that was Saw 3D.


Seth’s Death by Pendulum (Saw V)

The pendulum sequence from Saw V is definitely one of the most infamous of the series. Even non-horror fans seem to be familiar with this epically icky sequence and the delightfully gory aftermath. This scene leaves the viewer feeling utterly helpless as Seth, the victim, is slowly sliced in half by a pendulum that lowers further with each swing. As gruesome as it is, this scene is somewhat easier to take knowing that Seth was previously freed from serving a life sentence on a technicality.


Evan and His Friends in the Junkyard Scene (Saw 3D)

Saw eventually began staging gorier and more outrageous death sequences with each new film. Seeing as how this was the final chapter, you knew it was going to outdo just about everything we had seen before and that is exactly what the last installment did. This scene features Chester Bennington of Linkin Park as Neo Nazi Evan. He and his friends wake up in a salvage yard and Evan finds himself glued to a car seat. In order to save his friends from being run over and or crushed, he must unglue himself from the seat in time. Well, he does not manage to do so and things get really gross.


Eric Matthews Crushed by Ice (Saw IV)

Wow. What a way to go. Two giant blocks of ice flattening your skull is definitely one of the more inventive deaths in a franchise that is all about inventive ways to kill people. It sounds kind of lame on paper but to watch it unfold on screen is a totally different story. The effects used to bring this death sequence to life are top notch and make it one of the most memorable demises in a franchise filled with bloodshed.


Timothy's Death by The Rack (Saw III)

The Rack acts like some kind of medieval torture device and it quickly has the audience cringing as it twists and contorts Timothy’s body into positions the human form was never meant to be pretzeled into. The accompanying sound effects make his demise all the more painful to watch and listen to!

Saw: The Final Chapter (1/9) Movie CLIP - Bizarre Love Triangle (2010) HD

Dina Sawed in Half in a Store Display Window (Saw 3D)

With Saw 3D being the planned final installment in the series, you knew the opening sequence was going to be epic and it absolutely was. A woman who was stringing along two men had them fighting over her and doing so in a store window with power tools. But before the timer ran out, the gents realized she was screwing them both, literally and figuratively, and opted to let her take a saw to the stomach!


Jill’s Bear Trap Death (Saw 3D)

It’s probably fitting that one of the core characters of the franchise would go out by way of one of the most iconic traps in the series. The reverse bear trap is a franchise mainstay and a worthy adversary for a character that managed to live through so many films. While it was sad to see Jill Tuck go, at least she got to go out in style.


Paul’s Razor Wire Death (Saw)

The original Saw is less brutal than the subsequent installments but this death scene invokes a sense of utter dread in the viewer. The hopelessness Paul must have felt and the agony induced by crawling through a maze of razor wire is hard to imagine. It was traps like this in the original film that helped shaped the direction the franchise would take with future installments.


Troy's Chain Trap (Saw III)

Ugh. I cringe just thinking about this death scene. It is so brutal that I can barely stand to watch. Also, just thinking about having one’s skin and muscles torn in the places Troy did is a terribly unpleasant thought and it is excruciating to watch it unfold onscreen. Particularly when stopping to consider that he must inflict the punishment on himself.


Kerry and The Rib Cage Ripper (Saw III)

In this sickening sequence, Kerry gets her rib cage ripped off. Yikes! This sequence is all kinds of twisted and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. The effects used to bring this sequence to life are spot on and make it a sickening sight to watch, indeed! Poor Kerry.


Xavier and the Peephole Gunshot (Saw II)

This scene is particularly jarring to me because I already get a bit anxious in regards to who could be on the other side of the peephole when I go to the door. Is it a door-to-door salesman or a nosy neighbor? Who knows? But anything is better than a loaded gun on the other side of the door. Even a Jehovah’s Witness would be preferable to going to the door and being greeted by a loaded gun.


Cecil and the Knife Chair (Saw IV)

This trap and subsequent death is as much about testing will power as any in the series. While Cecil successfully makes it out of the knife chair, he then falls into another trap. Thus making his death all the more twisted. The audience thinks he has survived only to learn that he has fallen prey to another one of Jigsaw’s torture traps.


Michael's Venus Face Trap (Saw II)

This sequence is much gorier in concept than it is execution and that is totally OK with us. The idea of having one’s face shut in a Venus fly trap type concoction conjures a mental image that is worth a thousand words and makes it relatively unnecessary for this particular death sequence to be any gorier than it already is. It is plenty twisted all on its own.